Nacho Otero

The surge of Nacho Otero Wikipedia has grown on the Internet as the TN journalist recently went through a severe health issue, scaring his close ones.

The alarming incident involving Otero was when he went to the hospital due to stomach pain, but it turned out that he required immediate surgery.

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Post his operation, Nacho shared about his illness and expressed gratitude towards the doctors at Finochietto Sanatorium for their exceptional care.

The journalist has made a name for himself in the industry, receiving many accolades highlighting his talent and dedication to his profession.

The article here discusses his health issues more detailedly, along with shedding light on his married life.

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Nacho Otero Wikipedia And Biografia

Nacho Otero does not have a Wikipedia page; nevertheless, several online media and news channels often cover him and his works.

Otero has received the prestigious Martín Fierro Cable Award for Best Male Journalist, as well as the Martín Fierro Air Award for Best News Reporter.

Along with being recognized for his exceptional journalism work, Nacho has also appeared in the popular TV show “Telenoche.”

His involvement with the acting project demonstrates his versatility and ability to engage with a broad appeal beyond traditional news reporting.

Followers of Otero still remember the sentimental moment when Luis Otero and his nephew, Nacho Otero, shared a television studio together filled with emotion.

Nacho Otero Wikipedia
In March 2022, Nacho Otero co-hosted the TN program alongside his uncle, Luis Otero (Source: TN)

Happened in March 2022, Otero co-hosted the TN program alongside his uncle, Luis, marking the return of the esteemed host on eltrece during the noon slot.

Nacho Otero Enfermedad: About His Illness

The news broke on March 6, 2023, when the seasoned journalist, Nacho Otero, had to undergo an emergency operation.

Sharing with TN Show, the journalist from Nuestra tarde (TN) talked about his discomfort, saying he experienced intense pain in his abdomen and right side.

According to him, the pain did not subside even when lying down, so he went to the emergency room, where his illness was diagnosed.

Nacho initially sought medical attention for abdominal discomfort, only to discover that the situation was more urgent than anticipated, leading to an operation.

On his Instagram profile, where the journalist from TN boasts over 60,000 followers, the TN journalist reassured his audience about his condition.

Post-operation, Otero shared a picture of himself lying on a hospital bed, giving a thumbs-up, and thanking the doctors for their attentive care.

Nacho Otero wikipedia
Nacho Otero shared his picture on Instagram post his appendix surgery (Source: Exitoina)

His Instagram post’s caption read- “After arriving at the emergency room, unexpected events unfolded… Goodbye, appendix.

Nacho Otero Family: Married Life And Son

It is well known that Nacho Otero is a highly accomplished journalist who has excelled in his field, garnering awards and nominations for his outstanding work.

Similarly, the TN journalist also has a blissful marital life and is a proud father of a son.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2020, Otero, and his partner, Natalia Tanno, a lawyer, solidified their love and commitment by getting married.

Nacho Otero wikipedia
Nacho Otero married Natalia Tanno in December 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic (Source: Revista Paparazzi)

The joyous occasion was witnessed by a few guests, adhering to the regulations, with their son León accompanying them.

They visited the Civil Registry with their one-year-old son and exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony.

Towards the end of 2018, Nacho shared the news that he and his partner were expecting a child, revealing that they would be welcoming a baby boy named León.

Otero’s wife, Natalia, is a lawyer. She is a professor at the University of Buenos Aires and serves as the DG of the Government of Buenos Aires.

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