Najam Sethi Religion

Najam Sethi’s Religion has been the topic of discussion among the fans as the Pakistani editor has kept his life private.

Najam Sethi is a well-known Pakistani Journalist, editor, and sports administrator. He has held several important positions in the media and sports industries, including serving as the chairperson of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

He received his education at the prestigious Aitchison College in Lahore and later studied at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. After completing his education, Sethi returned to Pakistan and began his career as a Journalist.

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He has been an editor and Journalist for several prominent Pakistani newspapers and magazines, including The Friday Times and The News. He is known for his critical and investigative reporting and has won numerous awards.

Najam Sethi Religion: Does He Follow Hindu or Muslim Faith?

Pakistani native Najam Aziz Sethi was born on May 20, 1948 businessman and Journalist who founded Vanguard Books and The Friday Times.

He has served as Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, caretaker Federal Minister of Pakistan, and Chief Minister of Punjab as an administrator.

Najam Sethi was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a Pakistani national. His faith is Islam.

Najam Sethi Religion
Najam Sethi at an interview (source: geosuper)

Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, has accepted the nomination of former Journalist Najam Sethi as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the firing of incumbent Ramiz Raja, according to News on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. Sources were cited in the report.

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Sethi’s efforts to develop Pakistani cricket have been appreciated. He has won various honors and medals for his efforts, including the International Cricket Council’s Development Officer of the Year award in 2013.

In addition to his work in the media and sports sectors, Sethi has been active in several charitable endeavors. He is well-known for supporting educational and healthcare projects and donating to various charity organizations.

Who Are Najam Sethi’s Children? Family Explored

Najam Sethi is a highly respected and influential figure in Pakistan. His contributions to the media and sports industries have had a significant impact. His Father name is Abdul Aziz Sethi, mother’s name is Razia Sethi.

Najam Sethi Religion
Najam Sethi’s daughter’s wedding (Source: Youtube)

Mira Sethi is Najam Sethi’s daughter. She is an Actress from Pakistan. She attended Lahore Grammar School and Cheltenham Ladies’ College before graduating from Wellesley College in 2010. 

She spent her junior year abroad at the University of Oxford as the daughter of journalists Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin.

Ali Sethi is Najam Sethi’s son. Ali Sethi is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, composer, and author born on July 2, 1984. The Wish Maker, Ali Aziz Sethi’s debut novel, catapulted him to fame (2009).

Sethi started concentrating on his musical career in 2012 and made his film debut in the song “Dil Jalane Ki Baat Karte Ho” from Mira Nair’s 2012 movie The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

He has recorded several cover singles in recent years and has been on various seasons of Coke Studio Pakistan.

In 2019, Sethi began releasing original songs and worked with Grammy-winning producer Noah Georgeson. His most recent Coke Studio Pasoori single with Shae Gill in (2022)

What Is Najam Sethi’s Net Worth 2023?

Najam Sethi is a former Pakistani federal minister with a net worth of $5 million. 

He attended Government College University and Clare College at the University of Cambridge. He has amassed a substantial fortune from his principal profession as a Journalist.

For Balochistan’s rights, Najam Sethi started his sociopolitical activism with the socialist movement, which resulted in his detention in 1975 and eventual release in 1978. 

As a result, he retired from politics and founded progressive book publisher Vanguard Books. 

Najam Sethi is a well-known and powerful individual in Pakistan. He is respected for his commitment to enhancing people’s lives in his nation and for his contributions to the media and sports sectors, all of which have had a considerable influence.

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