Kishor Bajaj Wife

Kishor Bajaj wife’s topic has been often discussed; after his death, news has been out, and people have been curious about his family. 

Bajaj is currently on trending news as he passed away on March 17, 2023. Many celebrities were present at his funeral. 

Kishor Bajaj was an Indian entrepreneur and business executive. He was the founder and chairman of Bajaj Group, a conglomerate with interests in various sectors. 

Apart from his business interests, Kishor Bajaj was also involved in philanthropic activities.

He set up the Kishor Bajaj Foundation, which supported various charitable causes in education, healthcare, and community development.

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What Is The Name Of Kishor Bajaj Wife?

Bajaj was a married man and a proud father. Kishor Bajaj’s wife’s name is Kintu Bajaj. She is the Director of the restaurant business of KA Hospitality.

Kintu was active in different fields like her husband; she supported him and was often involved in any function with him. 

Kishor Bajaj along with his wife Kintu Bajaj.
Kishor Bajaj, along with his wife, Kintu Bajaj. (Image Source: Photo)

She has also been a strong supporter of women’s empowerment initiatives and has been associated with organizations working towards this cause.

Kintu kept a shallow profile and has not shared much about her life. 

Kintu and Kishor were not present or active on social media platforms, and their social media accounts could not be located.

It’s common for well-known personalities to prefer to keep a low profile and not engage with social media.

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Meet His Daughter Kresha Bajaj

Kintu and Kishor shared two children; their daughter Kresha Bajaj is a well-known fashion designer. 

She often shares her work on her Instagram account; she seems to live out of their home country, India.

Kresha is also a social media influencer with a significant following on platforms like Instagram.

Kishor Bajaj daughter Kresha with her husband, Vanraj Zaveri
Kishor Bajaj’s daughter Kresha with her husband, Vanraj Zaveri. (Image Source: Instagram)

She frequently shares her style and design inspirations on her social media accounts and has collaborated with various fashion brands and designers.

She is also the founder and creative Director of the fashion label “Kresha Bajaj,” known for its luxurious and elegant designs.

Kresha is married to Vanraj Zaveri, and the couple has a son named Hemant Zaveri. The couple has not shared many pictures of their son on social media. 

Kishor Bajaj Family Details 

Talking about the Bajaj family, he survived with his wife and two children. Kishor and Kintu shared a son named Krysh Bajaj. 

There has not been much information about their son in public, and he seems to live in a foreign country. 

His children have also gained public attention due to their association with their well-known father. 

Information about Bajaj’s parents is not publicly available, indicating their details have not been shared.

After he died on March 17, many people shared condolence and prayers with his family. 

Many well-known celebrities went to Bajaj’s funeral, like Salman Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and Aamir Khan. 

The cause of his death has not been disclosed, leading many to assume that it was due to natural reasons.

His family or authorities may have chosen not to disclose the cause of death for personal or legal reasons.

However, without an official statement, it’s difficult to confirm the exact cause of his death.

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