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Nancy Ezhaya accident has been linked to her death cause. Keep reading the report to learn more about the recent wrong-way crash.

Nancy Ezhaya was a 72 years old woman from Yarmouth who took her last breath after a recent accident that happened on Monday. 

As of now, it has been informed that Nancy was the one who initiated the accident as she entered the wrong lane.

During the accident, Nancy and the other driver were pronounced dead at the location, while another victim was seriously injured and is reported to be in critical condition.

Nancy Ezhaya Accident Linked to Death Cause

Nancy Ezhaya passed away after getting involved in an accident on Monday. In the accident, she and another driver were pronounced dead at the scene following a wrong-way crash in Falmouth, Maine.

It has been reported that the deadly crash happened on Interstate 295 in Falmouth around 10 am. Monday. A Police report shows that a Toyota SUV was traveling southbound on the northbound ramp near Exit 11 when it crashed with a Honda SUV.

Nancy Ezhaya accident
Nancy Ezhaya was involved in an accident, and she, along with another driver, was pronounced dead at the scene. ( Source: NECN )

Nancy was the one who was driving Toyota SUV, but it has not been reported what led Ezhaya to enter I-295 in the wrong direction. Another accident victim who died was Oklahoma resident Allen Apblett.

As a result of the accident, both SUV drivers were pronounced dead at the scene, while another victim, who is reported to be Allen’s wife, was in the passenger seat and was injured.

A report given by the Police has shown that she is in a critical condition. Following the accident, the northbound side of the highway was closed in that area for around three hours. So, traffic was diverted onto Route 1 in Falmouth until the highway opened just after 1 pm.

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Nancy Ezhaya Obituary and Funeral Services

As of now, the official obituary of Nancy Ezhaya has not been shared with the media. In the same way, none of her family members have come forward to talk about her passing.

However, everyone is aware of the accident that led to Nancy’s death. News has been shared on social media handles, and some people have also paid tribute to the late soul who lost their lives in the deadly accident.

Nancy Ezhaya Crash
Nancy Ezhaya was involved in a crash, and after the accident, the area was closed in that area for around three hours. ( Source: Facebook )

Furthermore, we can explore some snaps of the vehicles that were demolished during the accident. The deadly car crash is still under investigation, and more details will get updated soon.

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Who Was Nancy Ezhaya?

Nancy Ezhaya was a 72-year-old woman from Yarmouth. Following her death, some people who knew her have paid tribute to her and condolence to the family.

According to a social media user, Nancy was a teacher at Bonny Eagle, where she worked for many years. She wrote, “Very sad. Mrs. Ezhaya was a teacher at Bonny Eagle for many years. Very nice lady. Rest in peace.”

Nancy Ezhaya Tribute
Tributes for Nancy Ezhaya have been shared online. ( Source: Facebook

Another who knew Nancy left a comment saying, “So sad. She was a wonderful lady and teacher. Must have tried to enter 295 on the off-ramp. The exit and entrance ramps on Bucknam Road can be very confusing. So sad for everyone involved.”

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