Nancy Kissinger kids

Nancy Kissinger kids are not Elizabeth and David Kissinger. They are her husband, Henry Kissinger’s children whom he shared with his first wife.

Nancy Kissinger was the widow of the late diplomat Henry Kissinger. Since tying the knot in 1974, the smitten couple had been together until Henry’s ***** recently.

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During their long marital journey,  the Kissinger couple led a blissful marital life and a happy family, which included their children and grandchildren.

In today’s article, let’s get to know Henry and Nancy Kissinger’s children, who have grown up and have families of their own.

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Are Elizabeth And David Kissinger Henry And Nancy Kissinger Kids?

The German-born American diplomat Henry Kissinger married Nancy Kissinger on March 30, 1974. The loving pair walked down the aisle in Arlington, Virginia.

Nancy Kissinger kids
While many people are eager to know who Nancy Kissinger’s kids are with her husband Henry Kissinger, the pair didn’t welcome any kids. (Image Source: AmoMama)

Nancy met her husband while she was studying at Harvard. At the time, the American diplomat worked as a professor at the prestigious university.

It should be noted that Nancy and Henry didn’t welcome any children during their long marital life.

David and Elizabeth Kissinger are kids of Henry Kissinger, whom he shared with his first wife, Ann Fleischer.

Mr. Kissinger was married to Ann Fleisher from February 1949 to 1964. While their marriage didn’t last long, they welcomed two kids.

Although David and Elizabeth are not Nancy Maginnes Kissinger’s biological children, she must have been like a mother figure to them.

Moreover, Elizabeth Kissinger was born around 1958/1959 and is 64 or 65 years old as of 2023. She prefers to lead her life away from the public eye.

On the other hand, David Kissinger is the only son of the late American diplomat. 

According to reports, after working as an executive for NBC Universal Television Studio, David Kissinger, took over Conaco, Conan O’Brien’s production firm, in 2005.

Who Is Nancy Kissinger? Profession And Net Worth

Nancy Kissinger is more than just the wife of one of the most influential diplomats in American history.

She is also a philanthropist, a socialite, and a woman of wealth and power. Born Nancy Sharon Maginnes in Manhattan, she grew up in a privileged family in White Plains, New York.

Nancy Kissinger kids
Nancy Kissinger is the second wife of the former US secretary Henry Kissinger. (Image Source: Heavy)

Her father was a successful lawyer and a former football star, and her mother was a descendant of President William McKinley.

Moreover, the socialite attended a prestigious boarding school and graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in history.

Nancy began her career as an aide to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, who was impressed by her intelligence and charm.

She met Henry Kissinger, then a Harvard professor, in 1964, when he recommended her for a research position on a Rockefeller task force.

Henry Kissinger’s wife worked closely with him on various projects, including the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Commission on Critical Choices for Americans.

They fell in love and married in 1974 after Kissinger divorced his first wife.

As the wife of the Secretary of State, Nancy Kissinger traveled the world with her husband, meeting world leaders and celebrities. She became a fashion icon and a fixture in high society.

She also supported various causes, such as the arts, education, and health. She donated millions of dollars to charities and foundations.

Furthermore, Nancy Kissinger’s net worth is estimated to be hundreds of millions.

She inherited a fortune from her father, who died in 1985. She also owns several properties, including a farm in Connecticut, a penthouse in New York, and a villa in France.

She lives a comfortable and luxurious life, surrounded by friends and family.

Nonetheless, Nancy Kissinger is a remarkable woman who has made a mark on the world with grace, generosity, and glamour.

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