Naomi Ross

Naomi Ross boyfriend has dragged the eyes of many as she was linked with Zias. So, if you are concerned about Aiden’s love life, keep reading.

Naomi Ross is a renowned social media influencer, fashion model, and Twitch streamer with decent fan followings on her social media handles. 

From her Instagram page, Ross showcases her lifestyle and has over 100k followers, which she gained from sharing amazing images. She started working in fashion at the age of 17. 

Initially, Ross began by working as a buyer’s assistant at an independent fashion store. Being a model, she was also featured in a Campaign for Hello Magazine x Boden Clothing. 

Being a social media star, Ross often gets into the limelight due to her personal life, as her fans keep asking questions related to her love life.

Meet Naomi Ross Boyfriend: A Look At Her Dating Life

As of now, Naomi Ross seems to be single. There is no records of the Twitch streamer having romantic affairs with anyone. 

All of her Instagram posts show Ross is leading a solitary life and busy with her career. However, she is also a social media personality who prefers to keep her love life away from the media.

Naomi Ross Boyfriend
Naomi Ross shares a photo of herself on Instagram from a cinema hall. ( Source: Instagram )

Due to her low-key nature, it is pretty challenging to know about her love affair. As her fans are concerned about her partner, Ross may give some updates in the future.

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Is Naomi Ross Dating YouTuber Zias? Rumored Affair Explained

No, Naomi Ross is not dating YouTuber Zias. However, their relationship rumors were once a hot topic on the internet. It all started when their video of hanging out together went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, the relationship rumor got more into the spotlight when Ross’ brother, Adin, caught Naomi and Zias having a private moment. Due to that, Adin wasn’t pleased.

Naomi Ross and Zias
Naomi Ross and Zias have made multiple videos together and have shared online. ( Source: YouTube )

Adin said that the flirtation had gone too far. Later that night, it was revealed that that moment was just a prank set up by his sister and Zias to rattle Adin. 

So, it is said that they were playing pranks, and there is no actual fact about them dating in real life. If there are updates about their love life, we will surely give more info in the coming years.

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Naomi Ross Leaked Video And Controversy

Naomi Ross not only makes headlines for her relationship but for other reasons too. She often drags people’s eyes due to explicit videos. For your information, she is also an OF user who delivers exclusive content via Only Fans.

Due to some reasons, Ross was banned on Twitch, where she had many followers. However, she is back on every social media platform. 

Naomi Ross Leaked
Naomi Ross’s leaked video is going viral on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

In the same way, Ross is going viral on Reddit and Twitter as rumors suggest her intimate video has been leaked. Many unverified sources have created news about it and posted some links.

It can be said that Ross’ video may have been taken from her OF account. Despite the rumors, Ross has not shared any statement. So, we can say she ignores all the unwanted controversies. 

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