Missing Person Philip Joshua Johnson

Philip Joshua Johnson missing news has gone viral on social media, and everyone online has been searching for more facts about this matter. Here’s more info about the missing person.

Philip Joshua Johnson is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, whose name has been making rounds on the internet sources for the past few days as his missing news was shared.

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The news of his disappearance was shared by his wife, Hannah Johnson, on Facebook, and the news has gone viral on the web as people have heavily shared the post.

Johnson is reported to be a family person who loves spending time with his close ones in private. People close to him are worried as Philip went missing, and it is unexpected.

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Nashville Philip Joshua Johnson Missing Update

At the time of this post, no updates have been shared regarding the missing case of Philip Joshua Johnson. The recent update shows no sign of Johnson being found.

This has left his family and friends worried. Furthermore, the news of his vanishment has been shared heavily on social media, and everyone has been urged to post the news on multiple platforms.

Philip Joshua Johnson Missing
Philip Joshua Johnson missing news was shared on Facebook by his wife. ( Source: Facebook )

As said earlier, Johnson’s missing info was reported by his wife on Facebook. Many of his close ones have also shared supportive messages with the family.

A person on Facebook wrote, “Hannah, I can’t imagine the stress. Wishing for a safe return home. I hope you are able to take a few minutes to yourself to soak in the tub/go for a run/have a glass of wine/whatever it may be to help relieve some of the emotion you may be feeling right now. Sending all my love from FL.”

Where Was Philip Joshua Johnson Last Seen?

Philip Joshua Johnson was last seen in a large black Chevy Silverado with a big black bumper. It has been noted that Philip may not have the car as of now.

As stated earlier, Philip’s wife posted the news and gave a recent update; she wrote, “He was last seen in a large black Chevy Silverado with a big black bumper (he may not have it anymore).”

Philip Joshua Johnson Last Seen
Philip Joshua Johnson went missing, and people close to him were praying. ( Source: Facebook )

She continued, “If you have kids, try not to spread rumors, please, but at this point, we need the word out because we need him found and safe. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Put on ANY and all social media you have. THANK YOU!”

Furthermore, the news has been shared heavily, and more updates may be shared soon as people want to know more about the missing person.

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More Facts On Missing Person Philip Joshua Johnson

Philip Joshua Johnson is a missing person who is said to be a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. According to his Facebook bio, Johnson is the owner-operator at Camelot Window Cleaning.

His bio also shows that Johson tied the knot with his wife, Hannah Johnson, on September 1, 2007. Since then, the duo has remained together and has also started a family of their own.

Philip Joshua Johnson Family
Philip Joshua Johnson is the father of four kids. ( Source: Facebook )

As per a Facebook post, the duo is the proud parents of four kids. Johnson is a family person who shares a good bond with his close ones.

As said above, Philip came into the media prominence after the news of his vanishment was shared on Facebook. Hannah said, “Just a week ago, my husband was home; this is completely sudden and unexpected. My kids want to know their dad is ok.”

It has also been said that Philip was having some struggles before going missing, so he needs some help. 

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