Natalia Grace

Natalia Grace health news is making rounds online after she confronted her father in an upcoming docuseries on ID. Find out more about her illness here.

Natalia Grace is a Ukrainian-born American adoptee featured in some television series including The Curious Case of Natalia Grace.

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Furthermore, Grace gained public attention due to the controversy surrounding her age and legal status.

In 2019, a couple, Michael and Kristine Barnett, were accused of abandoning Natalia, an adopted Ukrainian child, in 2013. 

The Barnetts claimed that Natalia was an adult posing as a child, and they alleged that she had deceived them about her age and posed a threat to their family.

Furthermore, her name is making headlines after she recently confronted her father in an upcoming docuseries on ID. People want to know more about Natalia’s health issues.

Natalia Grace Health Update 2024

Natalia Grace health has dragged everyone’s attention. In 2010, Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted Ukrainian Natalia Grace, thinking she was a six-year-old with a rare bone disorder.

Later revealed to have a form of dwarfism, spondyloepiphyseal, it turned out she was not a child but a 22-year-old woman, as determined by a judge.

Natalia Grace Health
Natalia Grace health has dragged everyone’s attention and it has been said that she has a a rare bone disorder. (Source: BBC)

For your information, Grace has a condition that is not curable. So, it can be said that she is still dealing with it and often makes rounds online for her condition.

While living in Lafayette, Grace befriended Cynthia and Antwon Mans. Natalia lives with Cynthia, Antwon, and their five other kids in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

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Natalia Grace Illness: What Happened To Her?

Natalia Grace illness is one of the most searched terms online and many people want to know more about her condition. As said earlier, she suffers from spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita, a condition that causes dwarfism.

Grace’s name became prominent in the media when Kristine and Michael Barnett adopted her. While nothing looked extraordinary at the start, the duo soon started suspecting that their adopted daughter was not a child.

Natalia Grace Illness
Natalia Grace has an illness and many media outlets have given the news regarding this matter. (Source: The US Sun)

According to the Guardian, Michael said his wife noticed Grace menstruating. They also noticed that Grace was much taller than she was supposed to be and had a good vocabulary knowledge. 

Later, it was disclosed that Grace was an adult with a condition that causes dwarfism. 

What Is Natalia Grace Doing Now?

As said earlier, Natalia Grace was adopted by Kristine and Michael Barnett. The couple also claimed that Natalia had ill intentions towards the family.

Not only that, they also had legal cases. Grace is currently living with a different family from Indiana. According to People Magazine, Grace is legally 33 years old. 

Natalia Grace
Natalia Grace is currently living with a different family from Indiana. (Source:

In Season 1, The Curious Case of Natalia Grace explored Kristine and Michael Barnett’s perspective. The new season also unveiled Natalia’s side of the story.

She now lives with Cynthia and Antwon and the duo also celebrated Grace’s 20th birthday in September 2023.

Furthermore, her case has garnered everyone’s attention, and people often get into the media’s prominence.

Many people have shared their thoughts regarding the case of Grace. 

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