Natalie Morales And Matt Lauer

Viewers are anxious about Natalie Morales And Matt Lauer’s relationship after their persistent rumors on Love Affair. Check out more on this article.

Matt Lauer is an established former television news personality from America famed for his work with N.B.C. News and worked as a local news personality in New York City on WNBC.

From 1994 to 1997, the American News Personality gained his first national exposure as the news anchor for The Today Show.

Before hosting the program, Matt filmed a pilot for the World Bodybuilding Federation for the U.S.A and the World Wrestling Federation’s bodybuilding spinoff. The network is known as W.B.F. BodyStars, through W.W.F. owner/chairman Vince McMahon.

Where in the World is Matt Lauer? The show was a five-day global adventure the N.B.C. host undertook from 1998 through 2011 on the Today Show while working on television sweeps.

What Happened Between Natalie Morales And Matt Lauer?

According to Closer, Matt recently a rumor about an affair allegedly with his former Today host Natalie Morales.

Natalie, now a host for Access Hollywood, and viewers thought it had to do with tensions getting hot between her and Matt after she left N.B.C. Morning Show.

Natalie Morales And Matt Lauer
Matt recently a rumor about an affair allegedly with his former Today host Natalie Morales.(Source: Closer)

The majority of viewers believed that one of the reasons Natalie decided to leave Today and join “Access Hollywood” was due to rumors of an alleged affair between her and Matt, a fellow Today anchor, but Natalie denies these claims.

Regarding her jump to Access Hollywood, the Journalist claimed Natalie proved herself in all aspects of her job as a news professional and Journalist and her desire to grow in her career. 

Natalie Morales And Matt Lauer Affair

According to sources, former N.C.B. anchor Natalie Morales is rumored to have had an affair while covering the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Matt was once one of Natalie’s most prominent champions at N.B.C., but his support suddenly stopped.

Page six claimed Natalie denied jumping ship from Today because her affair with the 60-year-old ended. Later, Natalie and Matt vigorously deny any inappropriate relationship.

Natalie wanted to take their children when her husband relocated to California for employment.

When the rumor first surfaced, Natalie vehemently denied an affair with a coworker and asserted there was no truth to this utterly ridiculous rumor.

When rumors of the affair began surfacing, both Journalist colleagues were married to their respective partners. 

Access Hollywood host has managed to keep her marriage to Joe Rhodes, an investment banker, out of the public and has two sons: Luke and Josh.

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Natalie Morales And Matt Lauer Relationships Update

According to sources, Natalie and Matt were colleagues who worked on the popular N.B.C. morning show.

Before joining Access Hollywood Live, she served as an anchor at N.B.C., was part of “The Today Show, and appeared on N.B.C. Nightly News and Dateline N.B.C. 

Natalie Morales And Matt Lauer
viewers thought it had to do with tensions getting hot between her and Matt after she left N.B.C. Morning Show.(Source: USmagazine)

Following Natalie’s statement regarding the rumored relationship, Matt also made a statement in which he claimed that the relationship was not real and that it was regrettable that someone would fabricate information to hurt everyone involved.

Natalie additionally defended her former N.C.B. coworker on the gossip program; she was forced to speak about Matt’s scandal on Access Hollywood Live, claiming the tale is about the bravery of a coworker who did come forward, and when and if she wants to share her story in public.

Natalie supported Matt after he was fired from N.B.C. after the network dismissed him based on a detailed complaint alleging sexual misconduct in the workplace.

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