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Fans are curious to know about Nate Bargatze siblings, Derek and Abigail Bargatze. Who are the rest of his family? What is his net worth currently? 

Nate Bargatze is an American comedian born on March 25, 1979.

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He was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and as of 2024, he is 45 years old.

Bargatze is a critically acclaimed and internationally renowned comedian with two awards.

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He attended Donelson Christian Academy in Nashville and briefly attended Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin for one semester.

Nate Bargatze Siblings: Meet Derek And Abigail Bergatze

Nate Bargatze siblings are Derek Bargatze and Abigail Bargatze.

Nate’s brother, Derek, is a realtor. His real estate Company is named Genovations Realty.

Derek primarily specializes in properties in Nashville and Old Hickory. However, his venture into real estate is new; he worked as an educator before it.

Derek has stated that his real estate business will not come in the way of his teaching.

He continues to work at ‘The Academy for God,’ a school that provides education from kindergarten to high school.

Nate Bergatze Siblings
One of Nate Bargatze siblings, Derek (right) and Nate (left), is on an outing. (Source: Instagram)

Derek is married to Celesta Bergatze. The two married on December 17, 2004, and have three children.

Another one of Nate Bargatze siblings, Abigail, is a very private person and keeps out of the spotlight her brothers appear to revel in.

However, she is an active member of r/bergatze, a subreddit concerned with Nate Bergatze and his shows.

She often promotes her brother’s shows and interacts with his fans on the subreddit.

Nate Bargatze siblings appear to share a close bond with each other.

Who Is Nate Bargatze Wife And Family?

Nate Bergatze is married to Laura Baines. The two got married on October 13, 2006.

Laura is the producer of Nate’s podcast, The Nateland Podcast.

Baines and Bargatze met in the early 2000s while working at Applebee’s.

Laura worked for two different companies in New York and Los Angeles until 2019.

However, in 2020, she left her job to become the full-time producer of The Nateland Podcast.

Nate Bergatze Wife
Nate with his wife Laura and daughter Harper at a football game. (Source: Instagram)

Nate and Laura have one daughter named Harper. She was born on July 8, 2012.

As of 2024, Harper is 11 years old.

As for his parents, his mother is Carole Bargatze, and his father is Stephen Bargatze.

Stephen is a former clown who became an internationally renowned motivational speaker.

Nate is of Italian descent on his father’s side.

Carole, like her daughter Abigail, seems determined to keep her private life private and has not disclosed anything about herself.

What Is Nate Bargatze Net Worth In 2024?

According to sources, Nate Bargatze’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $10 million.

The comedian makes his fortune from his decade-long career involving multiple shows and appearances in critically acclaimed talk shows.

He began his career doing stand-up comedy at The Boston in New York City.

He had a gradually growing fanbase and soon caught the attention of talk show hosts like Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon.

Nate Bargatze
Nate is performing for his stage show, Be Funny. (Source: Instagram)

His appearance in ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ was exceptionally well received.

Bergatze was one of the first stand-up comedians to perform on the show and made an appreciable income with just a small performance. 

Following that, he became a part of Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour in 2013, and the earnings from the tour contributed generously to his net worth.

This tour garnered fame and success, as he was well-loved by the audience.

He used this fame to put out two stand-up albums, both of which were widely successful and contributed millions to his total wealth.

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His net worth is predicted to grow from his podcast and stage shows.

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