Nathan Chasing Horse wife

The former Actor Nathan Chasing Horse lives with his five wives in his north Vegas House. He reportedly turned into the Leader of a cult called The Circle.

Although he has only worked in a handful of movies and series, the former Actor was active in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades (from 1990 to 2007).

Chasing Horse is best known for his role in the 1990 movie Dances with Wolves. Besides, Into the West, The Red Man’s View, and DreamKeeper are other movies and series where the Actor appeared.

Recently shocking news about the former Actor surfaced. Dances with Wolves Actor was accused of running a sex cult and taken into Police custody.

Following the news, people want to know if he has a wife. Find out whether Nathan Chasing Horse is married or not.

Nathan Chasing Horse Wife: Is Dances With Wolves Actor Married?

Yes, the Dances With Wolves Actor Nathan Chasing Horse is married to not just one/two but five women.

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The story of the former Actor who allegedly turned into a cult Leader and was accused of molesting several “young indigenous girls” for two decades.

Authorities received a tip hinting the former performer was a Leader of a cult, The Circle, in October of last year. Following a months-long investigation, SWAT officers allegedly arrested Chasing Horse after searching the House he shares with his five wives.

Nathan Chasing Horse wife
Las Vegas Police near Nathan Chasing Horse’s House on 31 January. (Image Source: AP News)

Moreover, one of Nathan Chasing Horse’s wives was reportedly given to him as a “gift” at 15, while another allegedly married him at 16.

The name and identity of Nathan Chasing Horse’s wives have yet to be made public.

Nathan Chasing Horse Arrest And Charge

Nathan Chasing Horse, whose full name is Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse, was arrested following the raid by SWAT Police officers.

The former Actor, the apparent Leader of a cult, The Circle, has been charged with sex trafficking, assault of children younger than 16, and child abuse, the arrest warrant revealed.

According to a 50-page search warrant that the Associated Press obtained, Chasing Horse is suspected of abusing at least six victims.

The allegations of sexual assault against the cult Leader go back to the early 2000s.

In addition, his assault case covers several states, including Montana, South Dakota, where the man is from, and Nevada, where he has resided for the past ten years.

Nathan Chasing Horse Used Spiritual Belief System As A Tool

According to the warrant, Chasing Horse, a member of the Sicangu Sioux tribe of the Lakota country, drew followers from many tribes in the U.S. and Canada.

Nathan Chasing Horse wife
Nathan Chasing Horse (right) – in a scene from Dances With Wolves. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

His followers reportedly thought he was a “Holy Person” and “Medicine Man” who could connect with superior entities and conduct healing rites.

His primary tool for assaulting young females on numerous occasions was spiritual traditions and their belief systems. The Circle cult followers believed him so much that they even offered their young daughters to marry.

The Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana, expelled him in 2015 due to accusations of human trafficking. He was also charged with prostitution for reportedly paying other males for sex with the young indigenous girls.

His alleged victims include a 13-year-old girl. The warrant also claimed that Chasing Horse recorded his sexual assaults with his victims.

The former Actor’s wrongdoings came to light after lawmakers and prosecutors nationwide began focusing more on crimes against Indigenous women, such as murder and human trafficking.

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