Nathan Viland Obituary

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Mr. Nathan Viland is a general laborer at Nixa Hardware and Seed Company. He handles the vast store’s lawn and farm supplies, stoves, power equipment, and work apparel.

Viland is also one of the essential workers at the Nixa Hardware and Seed Store. Moreover, he oversees the 7 acres of lawn and farm agricultural tools and products.

Is Nathan Viland Obituary Available?

Nathan Viland’s obituary has yet to be made available to date. But here are some essential details about him that you need to know.

Nixa Hardware general laborer Nathan was born on 21st October 2003 to Mr. and Mrs. Christina “Chrisy” Baney. He grew up in Nexa, Missouri, USA.

Viland’s mother, Christina, is a registered nurse at Fresenius Medical Care. Nathan and his mom have a beautiful mother-son-loving relationship.

On the other hand, Nathan’s mother is married to Mr. Doug Baney. She was previously in a marital relationship with Viland’s biological father.

Nathan Viland Obituary
Nathan Viland with his lovely parents, Christina “Chrisy” and Doug Source: (Facebook)

Nathan has a friendly bonding with his stepdad, Dough. In one of his TikTok videos, he also mentioned that he is a genuine father figure and taught him to be a man.

After their first meeting, Viland’s mother, Christina and his stepfather, Doug, started dating on 18th February 2017. They then exchanged their wedding vows on 25th February 2018.

Nathan has five uncles, Nolan, Lance, Blake, Sawyer, and Zach Viland. Similarly, he also has two aunts, Sherri Viland and Vonda Viland.

Is Nathan Viland Death News True?

Nathan Viland is alive and doing fine. The death news about him is a false rumor.

Viland is currently residing in Dallas, Texas, for work purposes. But, the heat temperature sometimes troubles him during the afternoon work schedule.

What Happened to Nathan Viland?

Nathan Viland has just completed his teenage period so far. He celebrated his 20th birthday on 21st October with his family members and close relatives.

Do you know? Viland’s zodiac sign is Libra. According to his horoscope symbol, he is a perfect combination of emotional intelligence. He can also balance things in complex situations.

Does Nathan Viland Have A Girlfriend?

Nathan Viland has a beautiful girlfriend, Sophia Crawford, who is also a native of Nixa, Missouri. They are enjoying their company most since childhood.

Nathan Viland Obituary
Nathan Viland with his childhood girlfriend, Sophia Crawford. Source: (Facebook)

The couple graduated from Nixa High School, where they first met and fell in love. Moreover, they are in a long-distance relationship because Nathan is in Texas while Sophia is in Nixa.

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Nathan Viland is a Pet Lover!

Nathan Viland has been fond of animals since childhood. Likewise, he had a pet dog named Pretzel, whom he called his best friend.

Nathan Viland Obituary
Nathan Viland had a pet dog, Pritzel who passed away untimely. Source: (Facebook)

Unfortunately, Viland lost its pet dog due to natural causes. He was heartbroken when it was gone. But he finds peace when he realizes his best bud is in heaven.

Does Nathan Viland Own A Truck?

Twenty years old Nathan Viland recently owned the FORD’s newest F-series Super Duty truck. It has become the Porsche 911 of heavy-duty pickup trucks so far.

Viland’s car cost him around $49,655. But it is guaranteed five years of truck insurance and free workshop service.

Nathan Viland Obituary
Nathan Viland owns a Ford truck. Source: (Facebook)

Nathan loves to explore new places in his branded truck with his friends. He also travels to his sweet home in Nixa, Missouri, during holidays.

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