Nathaniel Hackett Fired?

After a demoralizing overtime defeat, the Broncos are considering firing coach Nathaniel Hackett.

It’s uncommon for an NFL team to Fire it’s head coach after his first season, even more so if it happens in the middle of the season. However, Nathaniel Hackett and the Denver Broncos might be trying to make history this year.

Due mainly to their offense’s inability to score more than 16 points, the Broncos lost to the Las Vegas Raiders, dropping their season record to 3-7. Denver has been held to 16 points or fewer eight times this season, which has been a recurring theme for them.

Despite having the best defense in the league, Denver’s offense is ranked last, and some of their performances have been downright terrible. The worst defeat, though, might have been today.

Is Nathaniel Hackett Fired?

Both supporters and detractors of Hackett are calling for him to be fired. They cite the utter futility of the offense as a significant justification for the urgent need for changes:

Nathaniel Hackett Fired?
Nathaniel Hackett calling to be fired by the supporters (Source: Twitter)

There haven’t been many cases of coaches being fired in the middle of a season, but when they do, it’s usually because the team’s culture has become so toxic that something has to change immediately.

It occurred with Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars in the previous season. Even though he overcame many terrible defeats, his 13-game tenure was cut short by a string of terrible off-field mishaps.

However, no coach has ever been let go after just ten games as a head coach. It’s difficult to determine whether the Broncos are so trigger-happy that they would act now.

What Did American Football Coach Nathaniel Hackett Do?

Following an overtime loss to the Raiders, Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett and his team’s record dropped to 3-7.

Due to Sunday’s puzzling 22-16 overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, Denver’s season took a turn for the worse. It contained, even more grave errors. The Broncos are a poorly coached team, but you can’t put all the blame on the coach.

The Broncos led the Raiders, who entered the game with a record of 2-7, 16-13, with two minutes left despite struggling offensively. The game would have been over with a first down. Russell Wilson also made a mistake that he was not capable of producing.

The Broncos missed their punt and were defeated. A complete breakdown in coverage allowed running back Josh Jacobs to get a 43-yard catch in the final minute to set up a field goal.

Then in overtime, another broken range left Davante Adams wide open for a 35-yard walk-off touchdown. It’s possible that the Raiders would have tied it anyway without the additional 40 seconds.

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The Broncos fans are tired of it. They had not anticipated their season to end like this. The next significant move appears inevitable, and something will give. Wilson’s contract forces the Broncos to keep him for at least a few more seasons. With Hackett, that is not the case.

When Will The Broncos Fire Coach Nathaniel Hackett?

More and more people are calling for the Denver Broncos to Fire head coach Nathaniel Hackett, to the point where it’s pretty much the only thing they have to say about the entire team.

Nathaniel Hackett Fired?
Reaction on Nathaniel Hackett getting fired (Source: Twitter)

Although “Black Monday,” January 9, is the day when most head coaches are fired, Hackett will probably be fired right after their Week 18 game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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If they lose that game, Hackett will be told to clean up his desk before the day is over. In the event of a victory, the group would probably postpone the official announcement until Black Monday.

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