Jamie Bell wife

People are curious about Jamie Bell Wife Nicole Hughes, and daughter, Ariella Bell murder case. Read on to learn more about this case.

According to officials with the New Hampshire attorney general’s office, police think a man shot and murdered his infant daughter’s mother on Saturday at home in Franklin.

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According to authorities, Nicole and their daughter Ariella Bell, about one and a half years old, were shot and killed in a house on Elkins Street by Jamie Bell.

Officials confirmed that Bell and Hughes had a close friendship, but they would not elaborate on their connection or provide any background information.

Let’s get into the article to know more about Jamie Bell wife and other details.

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New Hampshire Jamie Bell Wife Nicole Hughes And Daughter Ariella Bell: Death And Obituary

Autopsies revealed Sunday that the man killed the lady, their 18-month-old daughter, and injured another kid before he was discovered dead by suicide on the Merrimack River bank hours later, according to the New Hampshire attorney general’s office.

Nicole, and her toddler daughter Ariella Bell died from numerous gunshot wounds, and their deaths were deemed homicides following autopsies.

According to the attorney general’s office statement, Jamie Bell died from a “single, self-inflicted incised wound of the neck,” his death was classified as a suicide.

Jamie Bell wife
Jamie Bell wife and Child were fatally shot. (Source: NBC Boston)

Authorities are still looking into the shooting deaths of Hughes and her daughter Ariella, but they suspect Jamie Bell shot and murdered both of them before running away and killing himself.

Authorities claim they observed Jamie Bell, 42, on Saturday afternoon, leaving a residence in Franklin, New Hampshire. Gunshots, according to neighbors.

According to investigators, when police arrived at the Elkins Street home, they discovered Hughes, 35, and Ariella Bell, her daughter with Jamie Bell, both shot to death.

Autopsy Results Released In This Double Homicide

After a double homicide occurred in Franklin on Saturday, the autopsy results were public Sunday night.

According to representatives of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office, Nicole Hughes, 35, and their 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter Ariella Bell were shot and killed by Jamie Bell, 42, at a house on Elkins Street.

According to authorities, Hughes’ many gunshot wounds were the cause of death, and homicide was the manner of death.

The attorney general’s office stated that Ariella Bell died from numerous gunshot wounds and that homicide was the way of her passing.

Officials confirmed that Bell and Hughes had a close friendship, but they would not elaborate on their connection or provide any background information.

Jamie Bell wife
Jamie Bell’s daughter is still in the hospital and getting medications. (Source: Union Leader)

The autopsy revealed that Bell died from a single self-inflicted incised incision to his neck and that he committed himself.

According to Gorewitz, there are numerous ways in which this tragedy is personal. According to him, his niece plays with the 5-year-old, and his daughter is the same age.

The kindergartener from Franklin, aged 5, has been discharged from the hospital, according to district superintendent Daniel LeGallo. According to the authorities, Bell is not the girl’s father.

According to the Franklin school superintendent, the 5-year-old stays with extended family as she recovers.

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