Josh Jacobs tattoo

NFL player Josh Jacobs tattoos are dedicated to the people and places that matter most to him. Explore more details below.

Josh Jacobs is the dynamic running back for the NFL’s famous team Las Vegas Raiders.

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The Oklahoma native is not just known for his prowess on the football field, but also for his unique collection of tattoos.

Each tattoo tells a story, a testament to his journey, beliefs, and passions. In today’s article, let’s take a deeper look into the meaning and design behind the young athlete’s tattoos.

Join us as we explore the number of these intriguing pieces of art the NFL star has chosen to display on his personal canvas – his body.

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Josh Jacobs Tattoo Design: How Many Does He Have?

Josh Jacobs, the NFL running back known for his agility and speed, is also recognized for his unique body art.

The NFL star’s arms, a personal canvas, are adorned with an array of tattoos, each one as unique as the man himself.

Josh Jacobs tattoo
Josh Jacobs showing his arm tattoo. (Image Source: Instagram)

While the exact number of Josh Jacobs tattoos remains unknown, it’s clear that he has several pieces beautifully engraved on his skin. At first glance, his tattoos appear to merge into one large piece.

However, a closer inspection reveals a collection of individual designs, each with its own story and significance.

1. Skull With Crown – One of the most striking tattoos is located on Jacobs’ upper right chest – wearing a crown, a symbol often associated with power and authority.

2. Tattoo About His Faith – On his right upper arm, Jacobs has a phrase inked that reads, “I AM GOD’S CHILD BUT I HAVE DEVIL WAYS.”

This statement could be interpreted as a reflection of his journey, acknowledging his faith while also recognizing the challenges he has faced.

3. Raiders Logo – Jacobs’ love for his team, the Raiders, is not just verbal. He has demonstrated his commitment by playing through a fractured shoulder for most of the last season.

Not only that but in May 2020, he decided to take his dedication a step further by getting the Raiders logo tattooed on his arm.

This act is a significant gesture to honor the franchise and shows his deep connection with the team.

It’s rare for a running back to retire with the franchise they started with, but Jacobs’ tattoo selection suggests that he hopes to be an exception.

Josh Jacobs’ Tattoos Reflect His Valued Aspects

The NFL running back’s tattoos are not just body art; they are a testament to his life, his beliefs, and his aspirations.

Josh Jacobs tattoo
Josh Jacobs tattoo tell the stories of what matters most to the NFL player, his family, his hometown, and his creativity. (Image Source; Instagram)

He has once shared about his tattoos and the values they hold for him. The talented football player said that his tattoos tell the stories of what matters most to him.

In his own words, “My dad taught me long ago to never let football define who I am, it’s what I do off the field that matters most. This hasn’t changed.”

“My tattoos tell the stories of what matters most to me, my family, hometown, and creativity,” added the accomplished athlete.

“I’ve got big plans to build a place for children that can bring out all the best in their curiosity, creativity, and passion,” added the athlete.

Each piece of ink on his skin represents a chapter in his life, making him not just an exceptional player, but also a fascinating individual off the field.

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