Nicholas Lloyd Webber Illness

Andrew Lloyd Webber eldest son, Nicholas Lloyd Webber, died tragically on Sunday following an 18-month-long battle with gastric Cancer.

Nicholas Lloyd Webber was the son of Oscar-winning composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. Like his Father, Nicholas was also a successful composer and record producer.

Nicholas was well-known for his work on the BBC One Drama Love, Lies and Records (Rollem Productions), a theatrical and symphonic adaptation of Antoine de Saint-The ExupĂ©ry’s Little Prince.

Andrew Lloyd Webber had Nicholas with his first wife, Sarah Hugill. Sadly, Nicholas, also known as Nick, is no more. He died after battling a disease for a long time.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber Son Illness: Did Nicholas Lloyd Webber Died Of Gastric Cancer?

On 25 March 2023, Nicholas Lloyd Webber died tragically following an 18-month-long battle with gastric Cancer. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s son breathed his last at Basingstoke Hospital.

Nick Lloyd Webber wife
Late composer Nick Lloyd Webber with his Parents and Sibling, Imogen. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Nick’s Father, 75, 
broke the sad news on Twitter Sunday evening. He wrote, “I am shattered to have to inform you that my beloved elder son, Nick, died a few hours ago in Basingstoke hospital. The whole family is gathered together, and we are all bereft.”

This weekend, Lord Lloyd-Webber stated that his son had stomach Cancer and was in “serious condition.” Gastric Cancer, also known as gastric Cancer, is caused by cells originating in the stomach lining and developing abnormally.

Andrew said his son was moved to a hospice two days ago.

With his Father, David Wells, and David Zippel for Lord Lloyd-Cinderella, Webber’s son earned a nomination for a Grammy in the musical theatre category.

Nick also composed the music for “The Little Prince” adaption.

On Thursday, Lord Lloyd-Webber shared a video on Instagram that he stated his son was recovering from “this first bout of pneumonia” that he had contracted due to his “ghastly” Cancer.

The composer, who also composed the music for The Phantom of the Opera and Jesus Christ Superstar, thanked the Ukrainians in the video for sending him a Cats t-shirt following the news that his kid was in serious condition.

Nicholas Lloyd Webber Wife And Kids

The late composer Nick Webber was married to his wife, Polly Wiltshire. The couple tied the knot in June 2018.

Wiltshire is also involved in the music industry. Nicholas Lloyd Webber’s wife is a talented Viola player. The Webber-Wiltshire pair are passionate musicians who must have met through their work circle.

The pair shared a blissful marital life for five years. Although their time together has been cut short, they must have had a wonderful time while married and created many memories.

Nicholas Lloyd Webber Illness
Nicholas Lloyd Webber with his Father, Andrew Lloyd Webber, in 2010. (Image Source: BBC)

Nicholas’ wife, family, and friends must be devasted to lose their loved one to the nasty disease. Hopefully, they will find the strength and courage to cope during this difficult time.

Moreover, it is unclear if the pair had any kids together. Nick was someone who valued his relationship and family.

Tributes Are Pouring

In response to the sad news, many people have expressed their sorrow.

The Cellist Guy Johnston said, “heartbroken for you and my cousin, Polly and little Gus. Sending you much love and deepest sympathy.”

Likewise, “I’m very, so sorry, Andrew,” tweeted soprano Rebecca Caine. A lot of strength and love to you and your family.

Apart from Nicholas, Andrew Lloyd Webber had a daughter, Imogen, with his first wife, Sarah Hugill.

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