Nico Williams Parents

Nico Williams describes his parents’ extraordinary journey, including how they turned down Ghana and played a league-record 203 consecutive games.

Athletic Club is well known for its academy, and over the past few decades, it has excelled in that area, producing a wealth of homegrown talent that has shone for the senior team.

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Approximately 85% of their players have come up through their system, and at the moment, they have one star who is excelling for both his Club and Spain’s national team.

Nico Williams, Inaki’s brother, has been outstanding for them over the past year and is scheduled to represent Spain at the World Cup.

Nico Williams Parents: Who Are Maria And Felix Williams?

Nico Williams was born in Pamplona to Ghanaian parents who had arrived in Spain as refugees from the Liberian Civil War eight years earlier.

His mother’s name is Maria Williams and father’s name is Felix Williams. 

Nico Williams parents
Picture of Nico Williams’s parents (Source:

Maria described how they had left Ghana and traveled across the Sahara without food or water, how they might have been among the fatalities and how they hid things in the best possible location. 

She also told him how she and Felix were detained, a lawyer whose name he regrettably still does not know who gave them a lifeline and a way to get back to the city where he was born. It is the location where he created his history.

In 2021, his brother Iñaki claimed that despite the family’s loss of fluency in English, they could still speak to their relatives in the Twi dialect of the Akan language.

Nico Williams Brother: Meet Iñaki Williams

Iñaki Williams Arthuer, the older brother of Nico Williams, is a forward for the Ghanaian national team and La Liga club Athletic Bilbao.

Nico and Inaki
Athletic Bilbao’s Nico Williams and Inaki Williams (Source: sportstar)

He was raised in Athletic Bilbao’s academy and has played for the team in over 350 first-team games, setting a La Liga record for the most consecutive games played with over 240. Williams, a Ghanaian-born Spaniard, debuted entirely for Spain’s national football team in 2016. He decided to represent Ghana internationally in 2022 by being chosen for the World Cup.

In honor of a Bilbao-based Caritas Internationalis team member who assisted Williams’ parents after they arrived in Spain in the year of his birth, Williams was given a Basque first name.

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Williams was one of the featured actors in the 2017–2018 season of the Amazon Prime television documentary series Six Dreams.

Nico Williams Career: How Good Is He?

Williams, a young attacking talent in the Spanish league, is 20 years old, and has excelled for both Club and nation in his short career.

He is valued for what he brings to his respective teams moving forward as a versatile attacker with excellent ball control who can excel on both wings. Williams is quick and enjoys dribbling with the ball, and many clubs in Europe are interested in his direct style and ability to beat a man quickly.

Off the ball, he also makes good use of his speed by making quick bursts into tight spaces and running intelligently to support his teammates in anticipation of a possible pass.

He receives praise for his attitude and desire to work hard for the team. He is also praised for his excellent ability to regain control of the ball after losing it.

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Coach Ernesto Valverde of Athletic Club believes Williams can improve: “Nico Williams is one more in the squad, and we value him the same as the other players. We already know that when young people are predicted to have great potential in the future, their balloons swell significantly.

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