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Nicola Sturgeon gay topic has left everyone confused, but there is no fact about it. If you are concerned about her sexuality, keep reading till the end.

Nicola Sturgeon is a Scottish politician who has been a Scottish Parliament (MSP) member since 1999. She is also the former First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party.

Besides that, Sturgeon came into the spotlight as the wife of Peter Murrell. Her husband, Peter, is a former Chief Executive of the Scottish National Party (SNP). 

Nicola and Peter have been sharing the relationship of a wife and a husband since tying the knot in July 2010. Nicola is currently in the limelight due to her husband’s arrest news.

Before getting to know about the ongoing controversy, let’s explore Nicola’s sexuality as people are concerned about it.

No, Nicola Sturgeon Is Not Gay: Sexuality Explored

Nicola Sturgeon being gay has left everyone confused, but there is no fact about it. She is straight and is married to her husband. Meanwhile, her sexuality has dragged the eyes of many.

In the past, Sturgeon addressed the internet conspiracy theory that she is secretly a lesbian. While talking on the BBC podcast, she explained some information about her personal life.

Nicola Sturgeon Gay
Nicola Sturgeon led Glasgow Pride March in 2018. ( Source: Daily Record )

As we know, Politicians have been covered with many rumors about their personal life. Once, she was said to be a closeted lesbian. 

The rumor suggested that Nicola had a clandestine relationship with a French diplomat. Without disclosing the person she was linked with the rumors; Sturgeon said they laughed about the rumors.

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Nicola Sturgeon Controversy And Rumors Explained

Just like her sexuality, Nicola Sturgeon often makes headlines due to multiple questions. In 2017, she offered an absolute apology to gay men convicted of sexual violations that are no longer illegal.

Her apology coincided with new legislation that automatically rationalizes gay and bisexual men convicted under historical laws.

nicola sturgeon husband
Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell, have been married since 2010. ( Source: Sky News )

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, she said it was shocking that consenting sexual action between males in Scotland was still classified as a criminal until recently.

In 2016, Nicola also planned to attack LGBTI discrimination in Scotland. Her plan included all new teachers and existing guidance teachers having to launch equality training so they are confident in diving prejudice-based bullying.

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Nicola Sturgeon Husband, Peter Murrell Is Arrested

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, was arrested in association with an investigation into Scottish National Party finances. He is being questioned after being taken into Police custody on Wednesday morning.

Officers said they were conducting searches at various places as part of the investigation. Police vans were parked in a sidestreet near the SNP’s offices.

Peter Murrell Is Arrested
Peter Murrell was arrested and the moment outside SNP HQ in Edinburgh. ( Source: Twitter )

Likewise, Police tape went up around the perimeter of Sturgeon’s home. Furthermore, the investigation was launched after objections about the SNP’s handling of £600,000 in donations from the Party to Campaign for and hold a second sovereignty referendum.

It is reported that the cash instead was used to aid with the Party’s daily running costs. More details will be updated soon regarding Peter’s detention.

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