Nigel Lawson

The late British politician and journalist Nigel Lawson died at 91. Is the Nigel Lawson cancer rumors true? Details on his health before *****

Nigel Lawson was a famous British politician and a successful politician and journalist. As a member of the Conservative Party, Lawson performed as a Member of Parliament for Blaby for more than two decades.

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Likewise, Nigel also worked in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet from 1981 to 1989. Before this, the politician also served as the Financial Secretary to the Treasury. 

Later in 1979, Nigel was promoted to Secretary of State for Energy. He also served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer in June 1983, and he resigned in 1989. 

Additionally, the late politician was regarded as a large key proponent of Thatcher’s privatization policies of several key industries. Along with his professional career, Lawson was also a family man and was the father of six, so everything in his personal life is explained below.

Nigel Lawson Cancer Rumors

Nigel Lawson was one of the most successful and skilled British politicians, who is no longer alive. So, regarding the politician’s *****, people also talk about his disease and health condition. 

Besides, many are captivated to know Lawson was diagnosed with cancer. However, no details are shared about his ***** cause as none of the sources have also mentioned that the politician died of any kind of cancer. 

Nigel Lawson Cancer
People tweeting about Nigel Lawson’s ***** on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

BBC first reported the news of Nigel’s *****, but they didn’t provide the actual ***** cause. Similalry, his family has also yet not shared his cause of *****. 

Therefore, this remains a mysterious topic for the people searching for his ***** cause and us. However, further details may be updated soon in the future. 

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British Politician Nigel Lawson Health Before *****

As said earlier, Nigel Lawson’s ***** cause is not revealed yet; there is no information about his health condition before *****. 

His ***** news circulated rapidly, but no online sources revealed how and where the politician died. Also, no details have been shared if the late British politician was dealing with health problems. 

Nigel Lawson
Nigel Lawson’s picture from an event. (Source: The Sun)

Most people also talked about his cancer rumors, but this seems to be a hoax as no official details have yet been updated regarding Nigel’s *****. 

Lawson’s service will be missed as he helped turn around Britain’s economy under Margaret Thatcher. More facts about his ***** will still be carried out, so stay tuned. 

Details On Nigel Lawson Personal Life

Nigel Lawson’s birth date is 11 March 1932. He belonged to a non-Orthodox Jewish family. He spent his childhood in Hampstead, London. 

Further, he was the son of Ralph Lawson and Joan Elizabeth. Similarly, his paternal grandparents, Gustav Leibson, changed his name from Leibson to Lawson in 1925. 

Moreover, he attended Westminster School in London. Lawson was interested in pursuing a career in politics from a young age, but first, he started his career as a journalist at the Financial Times in 1956. 

Nigel Lawson,
Nigel Lawson and Tina Jennings were spotted together last year. (Source: Daily Mail)

While talking about his marital life, he was married twice. Lawson’s first wife’s name was Vanessa Salmon, with whom he got married in 1955 and divorced in 1980.

Similarly, his second wife’s name was Thérèse Maclear, with whom he married in 1980 and separated in 2012. As mentioned earlier, he was the father of six. Similalry, he was reported to date a girl named Tina Jennings, who was half his age. 

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