Nikki Rouleau Illness

In 2019, TV host Nikki Rouleau disclosed that she had a chronic illness.

Nikki Rouleau is a show host at JTV (Jewelry Television). An American television network called Jewelry Television focuses on the retail of jewelry for both men and women. The network’s primary branding on-air and online is its lowercase jtv initials.

Knoxville, Tennessee, is home to Jewelry Television’s corporate headquarters. Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and Thailand are where its manufacturing facilities are located.

Rouleau has been working in the home shopping sector for many years. She joined the team in 1997 and currently hosts the Jewelry Television show.

Nikki values giving back to the community and mentors young women, encouraging and guiding them as they develop into the best versions of themselves.

Nikki Rouleau Illness: Diagnosed With Chronic Illness

TV Host Nikki Rouleau revealed that she was suffering from a chronic illness in 2019 on her Facebook account. 

Nikki Rouleau revealed that she was suffering from a chronic illness. (Source: Facebook)

Rouleau admitted that she had a chronic illness but was optimistic that things would improve soon. She remained mum about the illness she had, though. She appreciated the overwhelming and continuous outpouring of good thoughts, prayers, and support from her friends and family.

Nikki hid her illness because she didn’t want to worry her well-wishers, even though many of them had inquired about her condition.

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A source claims that she had undergone cardiac surgery and disclosed in a previous Facebook post that she had a severe heart condition. However, it is uncertain if that could be the cause.

Nikki Rouleau Health Update: How Is She Now?

Nikki Rouleau has yet to give any updates regarding her health and well-being. 

In the same post, she updated her well-wishers about her chronic illness, she also stated that she is improving and will be back soon. Hence, she might now be in good condition.

She said in jest that they were constantly looking for solutions to get her back inside “the picture box.” She has shared life, love, gorgeous jewels, hope, and fun with her clients for over 30 years.

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Nikki declared that her clients were an extension of herself and that she was eager to return. She stated in a recent Facebook post from January 2023 that she would return to JTV following several weeks of rest.

Nikki Rouleau Career Achievements Explored

Nikki Rouleau has worked in the home shopping sector for many years. She began working at Shop At Home when she was 15 years old.

Before accepting her first hosting position before turning 18 years old, she continued to explore every aspect of the business. She began working for JTV in 1997 and has seen the network develop and improve, much like a fine wine.

nikki rouleau 1
Nikki always makes sure to pack her Bella Luce rings, large pearl studs, Moissanite studs, and a cross necklace for vacation. (Source:

The best advice Nikki has for her clients is to remember that jewelry is a collectible, not just an accessory.

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Nikki still finds the clients to be the best aspect of her job. She remarked that it is incredibly gratifying to learn from her clients how she changed their lives, whether because they regarded her as a friend or because she helped them find the best piece of jewelry they had ever worn.

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