Nikolai Mushegian Girlfriend

After the news about his death came on the Internet, people were curious to know Nikolai Mushegian Girlfriend.

A Young cryptocurrency pioneer named Nikolai Mushegian was found dead on October 28 after he posted a tweet that intelligence agencies were going to murder him.

After he posted a tweet, he went for a walk, Police believe. After 9 am, a surfer off Ashford Beach, a spot considered so rife with riptides that local hotels discovered Mushegian’s body in the waves. 

When Police found him, he was seen in his dress with a wallet in his pocket; he left his phone at his beach House as per New York Post.

If the case was a murder case, the suspect or any weapon had not been found yet. The investigation was ongoing, but his mother believed it was not murder.

Nikolai Mushegian Girlfriend: Who Was Cryptocurrency Developer Dating Before Death?

Nikolai Mushegain was very lonely; he lived alone with his dog in a $6 million beach House.

In a tweet, he speaks about his ex-girlfriend being a spy. Seeing his tweet about his girlfriend, people thought his ex-girlfriend might be a suspect in his death.

Tweet from Nikolai Mushegian.
Tweet from Nikolai Mushegian. (Source: Twitter)

But unfortunately, his girlfriend was not involved in the death. There has not been any information disclosed about his ex-girlfriend.

His friends said that he was brilliant, but he was suffering from some kind of mental health.

So, the word spy he used for his girlfriend might not be the correct word; he also said that he has been more lonely following the breakup. 

Following the information, we confirm that he was not dating anyone before his death. And there has always been very little information about his ex-girlfriend.

She has not been trying to relieve any information in public yet, and it’s understandable as his ex-boyfriend has just died, and people might target her.

One of the sources mentioned that he was seeing a psychiatrist and used to smoke pot, so the post he shared on a tweeter might not be proper.

More information following his death is yet to come out, so the news about his ex-girlfriend might as come public.

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Nikolai Mushegian Death News Update

After the news about Mushegain’s death, people were confused about what might have happened to a brilliant guy.

Following the investigation, they talked to his parents, who said that his tweet had nothing to do with his death; it was because of a drawing on the beach. 

His mother said he was very loving and caring and had not been involved in anything wrong with being murdered. 

Mushegain parents said that he was taking time for himself for six months, and he might just have been swept up into the waves accidentally.

After talking with his parents, they also interviewed his friends. The saying from his friends was he was not very outgoing, but he was a very brilliant person.


Cryptocurrency billionaire Brock Pierce called Mushegian “an incredible visionary, I don’t call people brilliant very often but Nikolai was brilliant.
Cryptocurrency billionaire Brock Pierce called Mushegian “an incredible visionary, I don’t call people brilliant very often, but Nikolai was brilliant. (Image Source: The New York Post)

Mushegain used to get bored with one thing very quickly and used to start doing new things. Also, he was seeing a psychiatrist and was lonely following his breakup.

So, the tweet might not be a reason for his death as what his mother shared in public.

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