Nina Kosaka controversy

People are curious to know about the Nina Kosaka controversy. Nina Kosaka, a well-known YouTuber, is leaving Nijisanji, and people want to know more about this case and her controversy.

On October 9, 2021, Nina Kosaka made her first appearance as a VTuber as a part of the “Ethyria” third wave of English-speaking Nijisanji talent.

As one of the branch’s most well-known founders, Nina debuted alongside fellow VTubers Millie Parfait, Enna Alouette, and Reimu Endou.

She ranks second among her generation in YouTube subscribers, with a remarkable 567,000, behind Enna. Nina has since announced that she will soon leave Nijisanji and graduate from the VTuber agency.

On Monday afternoon, Nina formally announced her approaching graduation from Nijisanji, along with an official statement from the VTuber agency.

Nina cited her performance as a VTuber as the reason for leaving the VTuber agency, claiming that she wasn’t “performing up to her standards” and wanting to “pursue her growth.”

Let’s read this article and learn about the Nina Kosaka controversy.

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Nina Kosaka Controversy: Why Vtuber Leaving Nijisanji?

Everyone is curious to know about the Nina Kosaka controversy. Kosaka explained in a different statement that she graduated from Nijisanji to focus on developing herself as a VTuber.

Without the pressure of everyday performance, she wants to be able to hone her abilities and talents.

She realized a chasm was developing between what she intended to offer, what her fellow Livers delivered, and what everyone watching her deserved.

She concluded that she would leave NIJISANJI EN to pursue her growth and develop her skills and talents without the pressure of consistently performing at a level below her aspirations and goals.

She was unable to meet the standards she had set for herself.

Nina Kosaka controversy
People want to know about the Nina Kosaka controversy. (Source: Twitter)

She also expressed her appreciation for the talents of her fellow VTubers, particularly those who were a part of the “Ethyria” generation that included Millie Parfait, Enna Alouette, and Reimu Endou.

She has also expressed gratitude to the supporters who have supported her since her debut in 2021.

Her stay in NIJISANJI EN has been excellent. They had enjoyed every moment of their time together since Ethyria made her debut in October 2021.

She gets to broadcast to this fantastic community and the more giant NIJISANJI EN fans every week, and everyone has been so warm, welcoming, patient, and kind.

She said her heart is overflowing with gratitude for every one of them. She has expressed her gratitude to everyone who has supported her on this trip.

Reddit Update On Her Controversy

The English Nijisanji lineup’s Nina Kosaka, a VTuber, revealed that she will graduate on July 8.

This occurred just days after Japanese VTuber Mirei Gundo, suspended in March of this year, graduated from the agency.

Nina Kosaka, who is referred to as a nine-tailed fox that rules the heavens, made her appearance in October 2021 along with the rest of the Ethyria wave.

Nina Kosaka controversy
Nina is a female VTuber from Nijisanji EN third generation. (Source: YouTube)

She has more than 600,000 Twitter followers as of this writing and more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers.

Her social media accounts will be private after graduation, and accessories sales will gradually end.

Four graduates from Nijisanji’s old Indonesian branch, ZEA Cornelia, Taka Radjiman, Siska Leontyne, and Amicia Michella, have recently been coping with a flurry of graduations.

It just fired Yugo Asuma in December 2022 and terminated one of its English talents Zaion Lanza for many crimes.

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