Nina Santiago

Nina Santiago, an ordinary Youtuber, was arrested in 2015 while violating some rules. People have been curious about Nina Santiago is still in jail. 

Nina Santiago, whose Youtube now goes by Nina Unrated, was 404K subscribers on the official Youtube channel. 

Denisse Muniztorres is her real name, and she makes videos about dance, workouts, short Volgs, and care routines.

She earned fans after she went viral about her case, and the case took international interest. People on Youtube made videos regarding her case as well.

Nina has two more Youtube channels, in which she makes videos of her eating and video of her, but she is primarily active on her account, which goes by Nina Unrated.

Is Youtuber Nina Santiago Still In Jail?

No, the youtube Nina Santiago is not in jail; she posed a video of her working out two months ago and posted a video of her eating on another channel two weeks ago.

According to an arrest report, Police were called to investigate a domestic-related incident in Muniztorres. 

She was arrested because of her Youtube video, in which she pointed a handgun at her boyfriend and told him to leave her home.

She and her boyfriend lived at the Modera Apartment complex, located at 10170 SW Seventh St. in Pembroke Pines. 

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The Police arrived at her pace, and the standoff lasted more than six hours; then, Muniztorres surrendered to Police.

After she surrendered to Police, she was arrested, she came out after some time, but the information about her release was unclear.

When she was arrested, she blamed her ex-husband and her family for her being in that position.

Her ex-husband is former Miami Dolphin Morlon Greenwood; she did not publicly share much about her ex-husband. 

Not only did her ex-husband, but she also did not share any information about her boyfriend and son.

Youtuber Nina Santiago Arrest And Charge

After she surrendered that she pointed a gun at her boyfriend, she was arrested and charged with child neglect and aggravated assault without killing her boyfriend. 

Although she made a video that keeping guns inside House with being a child in the home is illegal, we are not allowed to own guns inside the House full of children.

Also, pointing the gun at someone means threatening to kill, and she was trying to kill her boyfriend, although she was not serious.

After being arrested, she lost many subscribers and followers on Instagram and Twitter and blamed it on her family and ex-husband.

She made a video blaming and talking about her ex-husband; she said their son has been suffering because of him.

Video of Nina from NinaUnrated VLOGS Channel.
Video of Nina from NinaUnrated VLOGS Channel. (Image Source: YouTube)

Looking at those videos, people started assuming that she was suffering from some mental health.

She was almost released within three months, the video was released after her release, and no one has ever mentioned the precise time of her arrest.

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Nina Santiago Net Worth 

According to the Sources, the net worth of a well-known Youtuber is $1.5 million, which she earns from her Youtube videos. 

She has 404K subscribers in her main account, NinaUnrated, and has 115 videos; she also has two other channels.

NinaUnrated Eats (139K Subscribers) and NinaUnrated Vlogs (276K Subscribers) are her other two videos, from where also she has been earning a good amount.

Picture NinaUnrated shared for her NinaUnrated Eats channel.
Picture NinaUnrated shared for her NinaUnrated Eats channel. (Image Source: Instagram)

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