Noah Enos Family

Noah Enos family information is still highly searched on the Internet as he went missing. Explore more about his parents. 

Noah Enos, a 26-year-old individual, disappeared after attending a concert by the band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard at the Salt Shed venue within the Morton Salt Complex in Chicago on Monday, June 12.

Nicole Wijs, Enos’ girlfriend, reported that he ceased answering her phone calls around 10 pm.

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Noah Enos Family And Parents: Meet His Mother Lee Anne Capin And Father

The family of 26-year-old Noah Enos from Chicago has raised concerns about the possible foul play after he went missing following a concert at the Salt Shed venue in the former Morton Salt packaging warehouse.

Enos had attended the event with a coworker and had been in contact with friends via text and Snapchat until around 10 p.m., when his phone died, according to his family.

His mother, Lee Anne Chapin, contacted AT&T, discovering that his last messages and calls were supposedly sent around 5 p.m., despite friends having texts from Enos time-stamped between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Enos lived in Chicago for approximately a year and worked at a restaurant while also doing graphic design for a T-shirt company.

His brother filed a missing persons report with the Chicago Police Department. While his mother’s information is available, details regarding his father have not been disclosed. 

Noah Enos Family
Noah Enos’ family suspects foul play in his disappearance. (Image Source: New York Post)

It seems like his parents are not together anymore, and his father has preferred to stay out of the incident. 

Along with the information about his father, his brother has not disclosed his personal information, but he has been cooperating with the investigators. 

Enos had a close-knit family, and according to his relatives, he led a contented life. He was warm, amiable, and friendly toward everyone he encountered.

Who Is Noah Enos Girlfriend? 

Noah Enos’ girlfriend, Nicole Wijs, played a significant role in the search for him after his disappearance following the King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard concert at the Salt Shed venue in Chicago.

Nicole’s account of Noah’s disappearance provides insight into their relationship and her concerns for his well-being.

Described as a caring and devoted partner, Nicole was distraught when Noah suddenly stopped responding to her calls at around 10 pm on the night of the concert.

Nicole mentioned that Noah was out of character to simply walk out without any communication.

She firmly believed that if Noah were okay, he would have reached out to her by now, emphasizing that he had memorized her phone number for the past ten years.

Noah Enos Family
Noah Enos pictured with his girlfriend, Nicole Wijs. (Image Source: New York Post)

Nicole’s active involvement in the search for Noah demonstrates her commitment to finding him and ensuring his safety.

She carefully reviewed surveillance footage from the venue and confirmed that she had seen Noah with his coworker around 9:30 pm.

Nicole further revealed that she received Snapchat and text messages from Noah while he was inside the concert venue, indicating that he was present and engaged in communication.

However, his responses abruptly ceased after 10 pm, leaving Nicole increasingly alarmed and desperate to locate him.

Nicole’s unwavering belief in Noah’s well-being and her proactive involvement in the search highlighted the depth of her love and concern for him.

Her presence and active participation in locating Noah were a testament to their relationship and her determination to bring him back safely.

As the search for Noah Enos continued, Nicole remained a central figure, tirelessly advocating for his return and maintaining hope that he would be unharmed.

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