Noel Hanna Wife

Noel Hanna was an accomplished Irish mountaineer who climbed some of the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest. After his tragic death, people want to learn more about his personal life, including Noel Hanna wife.

He was a world-class explorer and a native of Northern Ireland. Noel Hanna, who scaled mountains and participated in sporting competitions worldwide, died on Monday while scaling Mount Annapurna in Nepal. 

He inspired many people around his community and beyond to love mountains and live for mountains. Unfortunately, the famous Irish mountaineer who had scaled Mount Everest 10 times passed away when he was descending from the difficult Annapurna mountain range.

After climbing Mount Annapurna, the tenth-tallest mountain in the world and the highest peak in the range at 26, 545 feet, Hanna, 56, passed away overnight in his camp in west Nepal, according to officials.

AFP was informed by the trip company Seven Summit Treks that his body had been transported from the Annapurna base camp and flown to Kathmandu, according to CBS News.

The mountaineer who died in the lap of the Himalayas has left behind a beautiful legacy, and people are interested to learn about his personal whereabouts as well.

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Noel Hanna Wife Lynne Hanna

The passionate mountaineer, Noel Hanna, has left behind his loving, beautiful, and doting wife. He was happily married to his partner, Lynne Hanna, and was completely obsessed with her.

They were married for several years and were each other’s significant support system. Noel Hanna’s wife, Lynne, always understood and respected his passion for mountaineering and supported him despite all the risks.

Likewise, Lynne also used to climb mountains with her husband. On May 21, 2016, the pair became the first married couple ever to climb Mt. Everest from both the Tibet north side and Nepal south side of the mountain.

Noel Hanna Wife
Noel Hanna was in an enduring and thriving marriage with his wife, Lynne Hanna. (Source: Irish Mirror)

Now, after his death in the mountains, Lynne has been heartbroken and shattered to lose her soulmate and lover of life.

He couldn’t have died in a more appropriate place than in the Himalayas, according to Noel Hanna’s wife Lynne, who stated this after her husband passed away on Monday night after scaling the world’s tenth-highest peak in Nepal.

Furthermore, after Noel’s death, Mrs. Hanna, who is a Dromara native, announced that she had finally arrived in Kathmandu to return his remains to his family.

“I’ve come to Kathmandu to bring Noel home,” she said. After climbing to the summit of Annapurna, he passed away at Camp 4.

Additionally, Noel Hanna’s wife, Lynne Hanna, stated, ” He went back to the tent, ate some hot soup, and dozed off, never to be awakened again. What better place for my Mountain Man to pass away than in the Himalayas when it was his time to do so? Sleep well, Noel.”

A Look At Late Mountaineer Noel Hanna Kids And Family

Alongside searching for details regarding Noel Hanna’s wife, people also want to know more about his kids and family.

However, although the late mountaineer’s professional career was an open book, the same can’t be said for his personal life; much less information about his family and kids has been revealed.

As a result, it is unknown if Noel Hanna and his wife, Lynne, shared any kids together or not. Additionally, the identities of his mother and father have also not been disclosed yet.

Noel Hanna Wife
Very less information regarding Noel Hanna’s family background is available. (Source: Noel

Nonetheless, Noel grew up alongside his sister, Irene Hunter. Irene claimed in an interview that her brother “loved sights and he just adored people” but “didn’t want to stress” family by discussing the risks of his mountaineering.

“He was just a legend,” she continued.

Although Noel is no longer alive, his contributions will always remain with us. Hanna’s mountaineering career included numerous expeditions to the Himalayas, including seven expeditions to Mount Everest.

In addition to his mountaineering achievements, Noel also worked as a mountain guide and has led numerous expeditions to various mountain ranges around the world.

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