Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Parents

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez parents details have been a topic of interest for people. In the Texas hamlet of Everman, searches for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez are still ongoing one month after the authorities released an Amber alert. 

Although authorities are searching for the 6-year-old youngster’s remains, Everman police officers believe the boy may have passed away.

Among the ten children of stepfather Arshdeep Singh and mother Cindy Rodriguez-Singh is Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez. Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez has not been seen since last fall, however, his disappearance has been reported since March 25.

On March 22, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh and her stepfather Arshdeep Singh departed for India with six of Cindy’s children. 

Fort-Worth Star Telegram, a Texas-based news site, said that Arshdeep Singh is currently wanted by police for allegedly stealing $10,000 in cash from his place of employment to pay for his trip to India.

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Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Parents: Mother Cindy Rodriguez Singh & Father Arshdeep Singh

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Parents are Cindy Rodriguez Singh and her father Arshdeep Singh.

According to the authorities, six of Rodriguez-Alvarez’s siblings escaped to India with their stepfather, Arshdeep Singh, and mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh. 

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez’s mother Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, claimed he was “possessed by a demon” and intended to hurt her twin girls, showing no concern for their well-being.

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Parents
Noel Rodriguez Alvarez parents are accused saying did not caring for the well-being of their child Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez. (Source: ABP)

Despite Noel’s physical and developmental disabilities from birth, a foster parent described him as a loving, gregarious, and affectionate child. 

Noel vanished in October 2022, not long after Cindy gave birth to her twin daughters, according to sources. 

The Fort-Worth Star Telegram claims that Cindy mistreated the 6-year-old and did not want to change Noel’s diapers, so she did not feed him or give him anything to drink.

Cindy and Punjabi Arshdeep Singh tied the knot in 2020. It’s unknown when the 35-year-old migrated from India to the US. 

More Details On This Case 

Before leaving the US, Arshdeep took $10,000 from AGHA Enterprises and put $8,000 into his personal bank account. His bank’s security camera footage captures him making the deposit. 

According to the authorities, Arshdeep Singh bought the tickets with his credit card. Along with his wife Cindy, Arshdeep is accused of endangering or abandoning a kid, and after the theft was discovered, he was also charged with second-degree criminal theft.

To locate the evidence that might lead to Noel’s body, police have searched more than 500 acres. 

According to the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, the authorities have already torn up the concrete at the residence where Cindy and Arshdeep were residing to determine whether Noel was buried beneath it. They are assuming he is dead.

For the previous two years, Arshdeep and Cindy were residing in someone else’s house; however, Cindy had been there for ten years. 

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez
Although authorities are searching for the 6-year-old youngster’s remains, Everman police officers believe the boy may have passed away. (Source: KWTX)

The house they were residing in belonged to Charles Parsons, an old resident of Everman. Parsons, likewise in amazement, observed that Arshdeep appeared to be a kind person who loved his kids.

Child Protective Services received a tip that Noel was missing and that the family “lived in squalor,” so in March, Everman, Texas, police conducted a welfare check at the family’s house, bringing the issue to light, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

About ten years ago, Cindy was discovered sleeping in her car with her kids, and the elderly man encouraged her to move in. This is how Cindy came to reside in Parsons’ house.

Out of Cindy’s ten children, three reside with her mother. She was placed on probation and lost custody of some of her kids following an incident in which she drove a drunken car with her kids inside. 

To bring the pair back to the US through extradition, the FBI is collaborating with Indian officials.

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