Noelia Voigt Parents

Noelia Voigt parents, Jacqueline Briceno and Jack Voigt, play a significant role in her journey to becoming Miss USA 2023.

Noelia Voigt is the winner of the Miss USA 2023 pageant. She was crowned Miss USA on September 29, 2023, at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Nevada.

She will now go on to compete in the Miss Universe competition in El Salvador.

In addition to her pageant achievements, Noelia is an interior design student, an immigration rights advocate, and a published children’s book author.

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Who Are Noelia Voigt Parents: Jackeline Coromoto Briceño And Jack David Voigt? 

Noelia Voigt, the newly crowned Miss USA 2023, has a unique and diverse family background that reflects the cultural richness of the United States.

Jacqueline Coromoto Briceño, Noelia’s mother, hails from Venezuela. This Latin American heritage has undoubtedly influenced Noelia’s upbringing and deep connection to her roots.

Growing up with a Venezuelan mother has likely exposed her to this vibrant South American country’s rich traditions, music, and cuisine.

It’s evident that Jacqueline’s influence has contributed to Noelia’s commitment to representing and connecting with diverse communities, as she expressed during her Miss USA pageant win.

Noelia Voigt Parents
Noelia’s family background reflects a diverse cultural with a Venezuelan mother and an American father. (Image Source: Bollywood Safar)

On the other hand, Jack David Voigt, Noelia’s father, is an American, adding another layer of diversity to her family background.

While specific details about his profession or background may not be widely available, being raised in a culturally diverse household has likely broadened Noelia’s perspective and contributed to her ability to connect with people from various backgrounds.

Thanks to her parents, Voigt’s unique combination of Latin American and American heritage has shaped her identity and aspirations.

Her dedication to immigration rights advocacy and her desire to be a Miss USA who represents every community, regardless of their background, reflects the values instilled in her by her parents.

Noelia Voigt Family: Siblings Details 

Noelia Voigt’s family encompasses more than just her parents; she has a sister, Natasha Voigt Mihm, who is a significant part of her life.

While Noelia’s journey to becoming Miss USA 2023 has received considerable attention, her family, including her sister, plays an essential role in her support system.

Natasha Voigt Mihm, as Noelia’s sister, shares a special bond with her. Unfortunately, specific details about Natasha, such as her age or profession, may not be widely available in the public domain.

Noelia Voigt Parents
Noelia Voigt has a sister, Natasha Voigt Mihm, in her family. (Image Source: Instagram)

It’s evident that the Voigt sisters have a close relationship, given their shared family background and experiences.

Growing up together in a culturally diverse family, Noelia and Natasha likely share a unique perspective on life, influenced by their Latin American and American heritage.

This shared background may have contributed to their understanding of the importance of embracing diversity and connecting with various communities, which Noelia has emphasized in her role as Miss USA.

Noelia Voigt Boyfriend 

In Noelia’s remarkable journey to securing the title of Miss USA 2023, she has had a steadfast companion by her side – her loving boyfriend, Jack Henry Hendrix.

Their love story is a testament to the power of connection and the unwavering support of a partner.

The couple’s journey began during their time at the University of Alabama, where their paths crossed, igniting a spark that has since grown into a deep and enduring bond.

Noelia Voigt Parents
In Noelia’s Miss USA journey, her loving boyfriend, Jack, stood strong. (Image Source: Instagram)

From the early stages of their relationship to the present day, Noelia and Jack have woven a tapestry of beautiful moments together, each captured and cherished through the snapshots thoughtfully shared on Noelia’s Instagram.

Their love story is a heartwarming reminder that a loving and supportive partner often stands behind every outstanding achievement.

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