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Norberto Marcos Wikipedia is one of the most searched topics on the internet. If you want to know more about Fatima Florez’s spouse, read this article till the end.

Norberto Marcos is an artistic producer who gained media prominence after being recognized as the spouse of Fatima Florez.

Not to mention, Florez is a well-known Argentine actress, impersonator and comedian. Florez is mainly known for having been the host alongside Gabriela Sobrado of Plan TV.

Furthermore, Marcos and Florez were not only partners but also worked together professionally. Marcos accompanied the comedian for more than twenty years.

Moreover, people want to know everything about the life of Marco. So, collecting everything from the available sources, the facts have been covered in today’s writing.

Norberto Marcos Wikipedia And Biografia

Norberto Marcos is an artistic producer who worked closely with his ex-wife, Fatima Florez. It has been reported that Marcos was also the business partner and representative of Florez.

Through the years, Norberto became a crucial support in her career, as Fatima proudly acknowledges. For your information, Norberto was the creator and producer of all of Florez’s shows.

Norberto Marcos Wikipedia
Norberto Marcos worked together with Fatima Florez for many years. ( Source: Revista Gente )

They say he spotted her talent as a mimic and gradually guided her career. Marcos also gave her the stage name, as her real name is María Eugenia.

So, it can be said that Marcos has made a huge contribution to the successful career of Florez. Further information related to Marcos’ professional life remains unclear as the media outlets have not shared many facts.

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Norberto Marcos Edad: How Old Is Fatima Florez Spouse?

Norberto Marcos edad (age) has been searched by many people on the internet. At the time of this post, his actual age can’t be revealed, as it may get updated later in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the media sources have not given anything about Marcos’ personal life. In the same way, Norberto himself has not said anything about his matters to the media, keeping everything confidential.

Norberto Marcos Edad
Norberto Marcos Edad remains unclear, but it can be said that he was older than Fatima Florez. ( Source: Infobae )

Due to the lack of information, it becomes pretty challenging to know about Marcos’ personal as well as professional life.

In addition to that, no details related to Marcos’ family members are accessible in the media sources. So, more updates will be given in the future.

Norberto Marcos and Fatima Florez Married Life Explored

Norberto Marcos and Fatima Florez were not married legally, but they remained together for a long time. They met each other at a casting for a project.

At that time, Marco was 40 years old, while Florez was just 19. Later, they fell for each other and began dating. The former pair worked together and did pretty well in their life.

However, later, their relationship started to get sour. Due to that, Marcos and Florez parted away in March 2023. Like any breakup, Fátima and Norberto will have to split their belongings in court.

Norberto Marcos and Fatima Florez
Norberto Marcos and Fatima Florez were never legally married. ( Source: TN )

Norberto wasn’t just her partner but also their business manager, handling her artistic career and finances. Journalist Nancy Duré also talked about their separation.

Nancy said, “Norberto was left without a wife, without a job and without property. He put all the assets in his name. Legally, they are not married. He thought the relationship was for life.”

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