Norma Hunt Family

Norma Hunt family mourns her death. Norma was the wife of the late Kansas City Chiefs owner-founder Lamar Hunt. Explore more about her life and family below.

Norma, who was also known as The First Lady of Football, didn’t miss a single Super Bowl, including the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory last year.

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Besides, Mrs. Hunt was a family woman. According to a family statement, late Norma Hunt, 85, was a wonderful mother, grandmother, and extraordinary woman who will be dearly missed.

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Norma Hunt Family: Who Was Her Husband Lamar Hunt?

As mentioned earlier, Norma Hunt, formerly Norma Lynn Knobel, is the widow of the late Kansas City Chiefs founder and owner Lamar Hunt, who died of complications relevant to prostate cancer on 13 December 2006 in Dallas.

Lamar Hunt was one of the most notable businessmen. He was widely recognized for promoting American football, tennis, and soccer in the U.S.

After NFL refused to sell him a team, Mr. Hunt founded American Football League in 1960. He was also the founder of Major League Soccer (MLS) and NASL (North American Soccer League.)

Norma Hunt Family
Norma Hunt’s husband was the founder and owner of several sports teams, including the Chiefs. (Image Source: Kansas City Chiefs)

Additionally, the World Championship Tennis co-founder owned the Kansas City Wizards of MLS. At the time of Mr. Hunt’s death, he owned two other MLS teams, namely, Columbus Crew and FC Dallas.

In honor of his pioneering contribution to the field, the U.S. Open Cup, which was established in 1914, now bears his name.

Mr. Hunt was elected to membership in the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1993 and in 1982 in the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Similarly, in 1972, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, the late founder of the Kansas City Chiefs was born in n El Dorado, Arkansas. He was the son of oil businessman H.L. Hunt. His elder brothers, Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt, were also influential businessmen.

Lamar Hunt grew up in Dallas, Texas and attended Culver Military Academy. He was also a graduate of Southern Methodist University (Geology).

Norma’s late husband was a college football player and avid sports enthusiast.

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Norma Hunt And Lamar Hunt Marital Life

Norma Hunt was the second wife of Lamar Hunt. The late couple shared marital life for 42 years.

Norma Hunt family
Norma Hunt and Lamar Hunt were married from 1964 until 2006 (Lamar’s death). (Image Source: Fox News)

Lamar Hunt’s first marriage was with Rosemary Carr. The former pair crossed paths in Dallas as teenagers and attended Southern Methodist University together.

The Hunt-Carr couple married in 1956 and welcomed two kids before parting ways in 1962.

Afterward, Norma and Lamar encountered one another. The instantly smitten pair tied the knot in 1964. Norma was Dallas Texans’ hostess and schoolteacher at the time.

Norma and Lamar were married until Lamar’s death.

Norma Hunt Children – Son Clark And Daniel Hunt

During their four decades-long marital life, the married duo welcomed two sons, Clark and Daniel Hunt.

Norma’s late husband also had two children, Lamar Hunt Jr. and Sharron Munson, from his first marriage.

After Lamar Hunt passed away, his siblings chose Clark as the chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs and FC Dallas.

The team was technically owned by Hunt’s wife (Norma) and the Hunt siblings, but Clark represents the team at all league owner meetings and is in charge of day-to-day operations.

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