Norma Major

Norma Major illness has been questioned recently, but no proof exists to support the topic. Learn more about Norma Major illness and health condition in this topic.

Norma Major is popularly known as the wife of John Major. John Major, whose full name is Sir John Major KG CH is a renowned former politician from Britain.

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From November 1990 to June 1997, John served as the leader of the Conservative Party. And between November 1990 to May 1997, the politician served as the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Under Margaret Thatcher, the former politician, had previously served in the Cabinet, most recently as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1989 to 1990.

From 1979 until 2001, Major served as Huntingdon’s Member of Parliament (MP). Since ceasing to serve as an MP in 2001, Major has concentrated on writing and his commercial, sports, and charitable endeavors.

Norma Major’s husband was selected to sit on the Lambeth London Borough Council in 1968. Major was selected to represent the Conservative Party in Parliament ten years later.

Major received the Companion of Honor in 1999 for his contributions to the Northern Ireland peace process. In 2005, Queen Elizabeth II knighted him for his contributions to politics and philanthropy.

Norma Major Illness

Norma Major illness topic has received no release of information on the internet. Hence, many are skeptical about believing the Norma Major illness rumor.

Similarly, John has kept quiet about his wife’s health issues and condition, which has made it even harder to believe that Norma is ill or that her illness rumor is just a hoax.

The details of Norma’s illness are therefore uncertain and subject to alteration in the future. The speculation hasn’t been verified because the politician never recognized or talked about the rumor, and it may even be a fabrication.

Norma is the daughter of the late Norman Wagstaff and Edith Johnson and was born with her birth name, Norma Christina Elizabeth Wagstaff.

Norma Major illness
Norma Major illness details are still missing online. (Source: SurpriseSports)

A few days after World War II ended, when Norma was three years old, her father was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Later, Major’s mother changed the family name back to her maiden name. She, therefore, matured into Norma Johnson.

If Norma is sick, details about her illness and her disease might surface on the internet, as the media will cover it and update it on their respective websites.

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Norma Major Health Update 2023

Norma Major, the wife of a well-known former politician, was rumored to be unwell and having health problems recently.

The information on rumor of Norma Major having health difficulties led to worries among the netizens. On the other hand, the lack of valid information leads to the conclusion that she is in good health and is doing well.

One can’t say anything about Major’s condition because neither John nor she has brought it up and because the latest official information is still a mystery.

No precise information is available on the condition that John Major’s wife is dealing with. John has also kept his wife’s illness and condition a secret.

Norma Major health update
John Major and his wife Norma Major, at a party in London on 8th July 1999. (Source: PhotoShelter)

But John Major’s son-in-law is fighting an unusual, terminal form of undiagnosed brain cancer for at least six months.

Doctor Luke Salter married Elizabeth, the daughter of the former prime minister, two years ago. Due to the aggressive chemotherapy used to reduce the tumor, he has lost his hair.

According to him, the illness is a type of cancer of the meninges, the layer of tissue covering the brain and spinal cord. His scalp has an inch-long scar from tissue removed during a biopsy.

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