Gregory Goodson Murder

Gregory Goodson, a 16-year-old North Carolina boy, was mysteriously found dead in a wooded path nearly two decades ago. But where is his killer? 

Gregory Goodson from North Carolina was only 16 years old when he vanished into thin air. A few days after, his dead body was discovered.

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On top of that, Gregory had a gunshot wound on his chest. Although it has been 17 years since his ******, there has been no arrest, no motive. Also, police never named suspects.

It became a cold case. A few years ago, it was reported that the police would not give up on his case. Gregory Goodson’s family still goes to bed with a heavy heart and wakes up with it.

In this short article, let’s look at the North Carolina boy’s case.

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North Carolina Gregory Goodson ****** Update: Where Is The Killer?

27 September 2005, Gregory Goodson didn’t come home. His family felt something was wrong. His parents looked for him everywhere. But they could not locate him.

Goodson’s parents reported him missing from Charlotte, North Carolina. After a few day’s extensive searches, police officers found the 16-year-old’s dead body on 29/30 September 2005.

Gregory Goodson ******
Gregory Goodson was mysteriously found dead on a wooded path. (Image Source: WBTV)

Gregory’s lifeless body was discovered on a wooded trail in Mecklenburg County, off Sugar Creek Road and W.T. Harris Boulevard. However, what was more devastating was he had gunshot wounds on his chest.

On 4 October of the same year, his bag was located on Bud Henderson Road. It was miles away from where Gregory lived, worked, and attended school.

The North Carolina native was attending North Mecklenburg High School then.

Gregory’s black basketball sneakers, which Charlotte Mecklenburg Police found weeks after the ******, served as the final significant piece of evidence.

Whether officers found the shoes elsewhere or were taken from the victim’s body has been a mystery.

As of 2024, it has been 18 years since Gregory Goodson was murdered. With no arrest, motive, or suspects, his case became cold. However, the concerned authorities are still working on it and trying their best to solve the case.

Gregory Goodson Mother Kyle Goodson Is Still Devastated

Gregory Goodson’t mother, Kyle Goodson, is still devastated by his tragic *****. The victim’s mother believed the media coverage would help find her son’s killer.

In an interview with WBTV in October 2015, the heartbroken mother said she goes to bed with a heavy heart and wakes up with it because she misses her son.

Gregory Goodson ******
Gregory Goodson’s mother is still heartbroken by his tragic *****. (Image Source: WBTV)

Although she is devastated, Kyle has learned to accept it. She has channeled her sadness and disappointment to advocate against gun violence and to volunteer for the police force that is investigating her son’s *****.

Kyle Goodson helped to organize a support group for the families of homicide victims. The group has met every Tuesday night to share their stories and help one another cope for several years.

In the same interview, Kyle wondered where his son would have been in life if he was still alive.

“I wonder what he could have accomplished in life if he’d only had the chance.” “It bothers me,” Gregory Goodson’s mother said.

Police Are Not Giving Up

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has not given up the cold case. They are still looking for Gregory Goodson’s killer.

Goodson’s story is one of three highlighted by Price as they seek answers in one of the most difficult cold case investigations.

Numerous cold cases are yet to be solved. The cold case file has piled up. But the authorities still “put eyes on it.” Hopefully, those cases will be solved soon in the coming days.

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