Françoise Bornet Accident

The news about Françoise Bornet Accident has garnered attention on the Internet as the famous personality from the photograph has passed away.

Françoise Bornet is a noteworthy personality in photography, gaining prominence as the central figure in one of history’s most iconic photographs.

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The renowned image, titled “Le Baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville” or “The Kiss of the Town Hall,” immortalizes Françoise Bornet and her then-boyfriend, Jacques Carteaud.

Captured by Robert Doisneau, Bornet kissed passionately on a bustling Parisian street in 1950. Tragically, she died recently at 93 in Évreux.

From the very photograph, Francoise garnered widespread recognition and international acclaim upon its publication.

Notably, she possesses the original print, personally sent by Doisneau, bearing his stamp on the back.

This authentication adds a layer of genuineness to the photograph, securing its enduring historical place.

Limited information is available regarding Françoise Bornet beyond her association with the famous image.

However, those interested can explore platforms like Alamy, Shutterstock, or Facebook, where stock photos, images, and profiles related to her may be found.

Her talent extended beyond acting, as she later found love and companionship with Alain Bornet, a director of advertising and industrial films.

As we lament her demise, let us celebrate Françoise for the joy she brought, the love she shared, and the timeless image that encapsulates the spirit of a bygone era.

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Obituary: Françoise Bornet Accident

With deep sorrow, the passing of Françoise Bornet was announced on December 25, 2022, in Évreux at the age of 93.

Françoise, immortalized in Robert Doisneau’s iconic photograph “The Kiss of the Town Hall,” was not just a face but a remarkable individual whose life touched many hearts.

Born Françoise Delbart, she embarked on a journey that intertwined with the lens of Robert Doisneau, capturing a timeless moment of love in the streets of post-war Paris.

Françoise Bornet Accident
The Kiss of the Town Hall by Robert Doisneau was exhibited this summer in front of another Town Hall (Source: Ouest France)

Her fleeting encounter with Jacques Carteaux and Doisneau’s camera resulted in an image that resonated globally, etching Françoise’s name into photographic history.

Françoise’s departure leaves an indelible void in the lives of those who knew her.

Her family and friends, now bereft of her warm presence, find solace in the cherished memories of a life well-lived.

The legacy of Françoise Bornet extends beyond the fame of a single photograph; it resides in the hearts she touched and the stories she shared.

What Was The ***** Cause Of Françoise Bornet 

While the specific cause of Francoise Bornet’s ***** remains unknown, it is assumed to be natural, having already lived a full and vibrant life.

Though relatively unknown previously, Bornet’s image became one of the most famous of the last century. The image in front of the Town Hall became globally renowned.

In the image, Bornet, previously Françoise Delbart, posed with her lover, Jacques Carteaux, for Doisneau in 1950 when she was 20 years old.

The renowned humanist photographer discovered the couple on a café terrace and captured their love story throughout various locations in Paris for a report on lovers.

Françoise Bornet Accident
Francoise Bornet died at the age of 93 (Source:

Following their moment in the spotlight, Françoise and Jacques pursued different paths.

Carteaux became a winegrower, and Françoise took on small roles in films, including “Big Families” alongside Jean Gabin.

Later, Francoise married Alain Bornet, a director of advertising and industrial films, contributing numerous voice-overs for his projects.

May Françoise rest in eternal peace, leaving us with a legacy of love and a poignant reminder to savor every fleeting moment.

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