Oliver Steeper Death

People want to know about Oliver Steeper death case. Following the incident at Ashford’s Jelly Beans Day Nursery, police have concluded their investigation into Oliver Steeper death.

Parents of a nine-month-old who passed away at a daycare center after choking on food said they would appeal the decision not to press charges.

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In September 2021, Oliver Steeper was receiving care at Jelly Beans Day Nursery in Ashford when he developed breathing difficulties while eating and had to be transported to the hospital. In six days, he passed away.

In the following weeks, a Police inquiry into the tragedy’s circumstances was started.

However, Kent Police informed KentOnline that the investigation was over and the file had been closed.

Police spokesperson: “No further action is to be taken after a thorough inquiry, and the investigation has been filed if new material becomes available. The coroner will receive a report.” Let’s get to know more about Oliver Steeper Death Case.

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Oliver Steeper Death Case

Talking about Oliver Steeper Death Case, after criminal charges were dropped, the parents of an infant who died at a nursery after choking on food filed an appeal.

Several days after the medical incident at Jelly Beans Day Nursery in Ashford, Kent, Oliver Steeper passed away at a hospital in September 2021.

Despite being “hugely unhappy” by choice, his parents said they were “far from discouraged.”

Oliver Steeper Death
Oliver Steeper Death case. (Source: Kent Online)

They acknowledged that they have appealed to the CPS.

The nine-month-death old’s was the subject of a “thorough” inquiry, Kent Police said, adding that no further action would be taken. The coroner is in the process of receiving a report.

Meet Oliver Steeper Parents Zoe And Lewis Steeper

Since Oliver Steeper passing, his parents, Lewis, 37, and Zoe, 32, have been fighting for stricter safety guidelines in daycare facilities.

Just over a year after their son sadly passed away from choking at his nursery, the parents celebrated the arrival of their second child.

Little Jake Oliver Steeper was given his late brother’s middle name, which according to his parents, will create “a closeness that only brothers could have.”

Oliver Steeper passed away in September 2021, nine months following the incident at the defunct Jelly Beans Day Nursery in Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent.

The couple ran a Campaign against relaxing the regulations governing staffing levels in childcare facilities. The subject is currently being discussed in Parliament due to their efforts.

16 months later, baby Jake was born on Tuesday, 8 lb 4 oz. “We are utterly pleased with Jake’s arrival yesterday night at the William Harvey Hospital,” surveyor Mr. Steeper said from the maternity hospital.

“Since the death of Oliver, Zoe getting pregnant with Jake, and the whirlwind of a mentally-changing emotional rollercoaster.

Oliver Steeper Death
Appeal launched by parents after baby death charges dropped. (Source: BBC)

She no longer even glances at me as she leaps and skips excitedly into the excellent preschool setting she attends.

I feel a little stressed about letting go for the day and trusting the facility implicitly, even if my eyes are riveted to her every move until the door closes on all parents.

Lewis and Zoe Steeper, Oliver Steeper’s parents, may have experienced this on Thursday, September 23.

Sadly, the day didn’t end like any other day after they dropped their vivacious 9-month-old son Oliver off at Jelly Beans Day Nursery in Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent; instead, it permanently altered their life.

Oliver, the baby, is said to have gone that day as usual before suddenly starting to choke around lunchtime. Within minutes, the startling scenario developed into a medical emergency.

Oliver’s mother came to his side just as an ambulance took him to the closest hospital for resuscitation.

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