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A social media star, Olivia Rouyer, has been in a relationship with Mikey Murphy since 2019. 

Olivia Rouyer is a social media personality and a YouTuber; she has a personal Youtube channel that updates beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle videos. Olivia is active on her Instagram account, with 1.2 million followers.

Olivia is a former member of the collaborative channel called ‘The Rad And Reckless,’ which she ran alongside her two friends, Elizabeth and Tatiana Ringsby. 

Her most viewed videos on her channel are ‘Friends VS. Best Friends, ‘Daily Morning Routine, and ‘School Night Routine 2015’. 

Who Is Olivia Rouyre Boyfriend, Mikey Murphy?

Olivia Rouyer is in a romantic relationship with Mikey Murphy, whose full name is Michael J. Murphy. They have been in a relationship since January 2019. 

Mikey Murphy is also a Youtuber. He has currently started his career as an actor and a film director. Mikey directed Dead Wonder, which was a short movie. Dead Wonder was the first ever movie he directed. 

They seem to be very close with each other, and the couple often share pictures of them on their official Instagram account. Michael uploaded a photo of them together, with the caption “Happy one-year, lova,” on January 22, 2020, on his Twitter account.

Michael J. Murphy's Post in Twitter
Michael J. Murphy’s Post with Olivia on Twitter. Image Source: Twitter

J. Murphy’s Post with Olivia on Twitter. Image Source: Twitter[/caption]

Olivia and Mikey have been together for three years, but they have not shared any information about them getting engaged or married, so the couple will not get married anytime soon.

Who is Olivia Rouyer Sister Sixtine?

Olivia Rouyer was raised with her elder sister Sixtine Rouyer and two older brothers. Sixtine is a model; people know her through her Instagram account. 

Sixtine has 105K followers on her Instagram account, where she shares her daily life activities. She was always interested in modeling, and she first signed up with a modeling agency when she was 13. 

Sixtine Instagram Post with Olivia
Sixtine Instagram Post with Olivia. Image (Source: Instagram)

Sixtine and Olivia share a great bond; Olivia sometimes features her sister on her Youtube channel. Sixtine is also well-known as the older sister of popular personality Olivia Rouyer.Sixtine has been earning the love and fame she always wished for; she is currently in Belgium and speaks French.

Everyone loves her as a fashion model, and she has the perfect body shape and height of a model.

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The net worth of Sixtine Rouyer as a Model

Sixtine is a fashion model, her net worth in the year 2022 is close to $ 1 million, per many sources. Sixtine earns a good amount of money from her Instagram and Youtube channels. 

Her main source of income is from her career as a Model; she is living the life she always wished for at the year of late 20s. 

She has not mentioned much about her life in public, and she only shares her pictures sometimes on her Instagram account to update her 105k followers.

The Net Worth of Olivia Rouyer in 2022

Olivia is a public personality from Belgium, and she started her Youtube channel in 2012.

According to Source, the net worth of a famous Youtuber in 2022 is $85 million. Her income source from Youtube matters the views of the videos she uploads.

At 20, she earned a good amount of money as a Youtuber. Her fans love her videos, and she uploads videos on her official channel most often.

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