Olivia Soli Weight Loss

Olivia Soli weight loss journey, she has won a ticket just after her audition on March 5, 2023. 

Soli successfully impressed all the judges on the American Idol season 21 audition, and she sang “Hello” by Lionel Richie. 

Like every judge, Linoel was the most impressed, and she received the winning ticket from them. 

Soli is a singer-songwriter; she recently performed the national anthem at a Los Angeles Clippers game and released a solo in 2021, “Boy Bye.”

She mentioned that she wanted to be performed since she was 5, and her biggest inspiration was Alicia Keys and Beyonce.

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Olivia Soli Weight Loss Journey

The audience who loved her performance has been interested in learning more about her.

People have been curious about her weight loss journey since she performed on March 5, 2023. 

It appears that Soli has maintained the same weight and has not gained a significant amount of weight, as there has been no noticeable change in her weight from the past to the present.

No information about her weight loss or any diet workout routine in public has been mentioned. 

The singer has been active on her Instagram; she has 10K followers, and no information regarding her weight loss has been shared. 

New audition pictures of Soli have been released, showing her wearing black leather pants and a green top. She looks stunning in the outfit, and her overall appearance is quite attractive.

After receiving a golden ticket, Olivia Soli shared a picture, thanking the judges.
After receiving a golden ticket, Olivia Soli shared a picture, thanking the judges. (Image Source: Instagram)

Besides the recently released audition pictures, Soli’s only other pictures have been on Instagram.

Her weight appears to have remained consistent in these pictures, with no noticeable differences from her previous posts to her current ones.

American Idol Ticket Winner Family Details 

The talented singer was born to her parents on January 26, 2002, and she recently celebrated her 21st birthday with her friends and family. 

Soli has been interested in music since she was five; her parents knew about her interest and enrolled her in piano and singing lessons. 

Soli’s parents have played a significant role in her life, always supporting her career choice. 

But they have not revealed any personal information in public, and they have kept a low profile. Soli also has not shared any pictures of her parents on her Instagram. 

Olivia shared a picture with her uncle after his death.
Olivia shared a picture with her uncle after his death. (Image Source: Instagram)

But she has shared a picture of his uncle sharing a tribute to him. The singer seems to share a great bond with her uncle. 

Often people prefer to keep their information away from the eyes of media and sources, so her parents have also avoided media. 

Does Olivia Soli Have A Boyfriend? 

Soli has not shared any specific pictures mentioning her partner, which might mean that she is currently single. 

Also, the singer has been very private about her personal information, so she might have chosen to keep her relationship confidential. 

Soli is very focused on her career and a very passionate person. She had chosen to focus on her career rather than any relationship. 


LA singer Olivia Soli whose single 'Boy Bye' is inspired by her dating life
L.A. singer Olivia Soli’s single ‘Boy Bye’ is inspired by her dating life. (Image Source: MEAWW)

Per the Source, she had at least one relationship before, which she has not disclosed publicly. 

The singer is not dating anyone currently. She has chosen to keep her personal life away from the eyes of the media. 

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