Olivier Giroud religion

Olivier Giroud, France’s star player, will be looking to retain his team’s World Cup title. Learn all about his religion, family, ethnicity, and origrne.

The striker for Serie A team AC Milan and the France national team is a professional football player.

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Giroud has been representing his country since 2011, recording 114 appearances and registering 49 goals.

At the club level, he played for six years at Arsenal, followed by Chelsea, and now AC Milan. 

Understood as one of the most underrated strikers, Giroud is highly regarded for his strength, work rate, and consistent goal-scoring ability.

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Olivier Giroud Religion: Is The French Striker Muslim Or Christian?

Olivier Giroud is Christian. To be more specific, he is an Evangelical Protestant.

The former Chelsea and Arsenal striker is committed to his religion. Although he does not cross himself before games, he says that he performs a little praying because he describes himself as a “very believing person.”

Giroud displays his convictions openly. The Latin phrase “Dominus regit me et nihil mihi deerit,” which translates to “The Lord is my shepherd; I lack nothing,” is tattooed on his right arm.

He also credits God for his success and says his faith helps fuel his desire to excel.

Olivier Giroud religion Christian
Christian Giroud guest edited the French magazine, Jesus. (Source: The Sun)

After he won the 2018 FIFA World Cup with his French team, he said, “I’m very religious. I just thanked God. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to live my dream. To live every single day for me is a day blessed.”

Giroud’s mother, Viviane, used to take him to church as a kid. He is open and proud about his faith and leaves no chance of speaking about it. “I grew up with my mother bringing me every Sunday to church,” he said. 

Olivier immersed himself in his faith even more and engaged with spiritual life while in London. He attached himself to a church called St Barnabas in Kensington.

Family Ethnicity And Origrne

Olivier Jonathan Giroud was born in Chambéry, France, and was raised in the nearby village of Froges. His parents are Denis Giroud and Viviane Arnaud-Goddet.

Giroud has one sibling: an older brother named Romain. He was also a footballer, played at the Auxerre academy, and represented France at under-15 and under-17 levels.

However, Romain dropped a potential professional footballing career to study and become a nutritionist.

Meanwhile, Olivier started his career in the sport by playing for Olympique Club de Froges, his hometown club. He went on to spend six years training at the club and later joined the professional club Grenoble at 13.

Giroud is of half French and half Italian ethnicity per Ethnicelebs.

Olivier Giroud family ethnicity origin
Olivier Giroud takes a picture with his parents and family. (Source: Ouest France)

The French footballer is of Italian descent through his grandmothers, Yvonne Avogadro and Antonia Gaiatto. Likewise, his grandfathers are Henri Giroud and Jean Alphonse Arnaud-Goddet.

Olivier Giroud Shares Four Kids With His Wife Jennifer Giroud

Giroud is married to Jennifer (m. 2011). She is a 37-year-old American lady, but very few details are known about her.

The couple is blessed with four children together: Jade (b. 2013), Evan (b. 2016), Aaron (b. 2018), and the youngest daughter Aria. 

Olivier Giroud family ethnicity
Olivier Giroud is pictured with his wife, Jennifer, and kids. (Source: SportMob)

In February 2014, Giroud was a part of a cheating scandal after allegedly cheating on his wife with model Celia Kay. He issued an apology to Jennifer but denied that he had committed adultery.

Arsène Wenger, then Arsenal and Giroud’s manager, refused to comment, stating he wanted to “respect his privacy.”

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