Omar Jose Cardona

Omar Jose Cardona is dating a gorgeous woman named Danielle Montalvo. The singer and his lady love have been together for a few years.

Omar Jose Cardona is a talented singer and songwriter who gained wide recognition after competing in N.B.C.’s singing reality competition, The Voice season 22.

The Florida native has made it to the top 10 and hopes to win the competition. He has been professionally active in the music industry since graduating high school in 2007.

There has been a lot of curiosity about the rising musician’s personal life. So, here is everything about Cardona’s sexuality, partner, parents, and siblings. Keep reading to find out some untold facts about the singer.

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Is Omar Jose Cardona Gay? Meet Omar Jose Cardona’s Girlfriend Danielle Montalvo

No, Omar Jose Cardona is not gay. He is dating Danielle Montalvo.

There are no details on how people came up with the idea that the singer might be gay. Nonetheless, he is straight and in a loving relationship.

Born in 1989, Omar is 33 years old as of 2022. On the other hand, the exact date of birth of the singer’s lady love is unknown. However, Omar Jose Cardona’s girlfriend appears to be in her late 20s.

According to his N.B.C. bio, Cardona had never sung in front of people until the girl he liked went for an audition for the school play.

With his girlfriend, he was the prom king and the lead in the school play. Might Danielle Montalvo be the girl he liked when he was young?

The singer and his lady love often share pictures of them spending quality time. They don’t hold back while sharing their love for one another on social media.

Additionally, the adorable dup has been together for a few years.

Omar Jose Cardona
Omar Jose Cardona with his girlfriend, Danielle Montalvo. (Image Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Omar Jose Cardona’s girlfriend introduced herself as an artist on her Instagram. The selenophile also shared several pictures of herself in Disney princess costumes.

It appears as if she works at the Disney kingdom. Interestingly, Dani’s boyfriend has sung for Disney. Nonetheless, we wish the lovebirds an everlasting bond.

Omar Jose Cardona’s Parents: He Learned To Sing From His Mother

The Voice contestant, Omar Jose Cardona, is the son of Emilton Cardona and Mayra Cardona.

It was Cardona’s mom who taught him how to sing. Mayra Cardona used to work as the Choir director at a church. It looks like Omar inherited the love of music from his mother.

However, little is known about the singer’s father. Hopefully, he’s doing well and having fun away from the spotlight.

The musician has been singing since he was in school. His Father and mother must have been very supportive of his musical career.

On top of that, they must be proud of Omar’s career accomplishments.

Omar has performed in over 20 countries and traveled the world. He performed at Universal Studios Japan and headlined on a cruise ship. Furthermore, he has sung background vocals for Jordan Fisher.

The reality T.V. star has also worked with a corporate for over a decade and is their band’s frontman.

Omar Jose Cardona Siblings

Omar Jose Cardona grew up with his two siblings. EJ Cardona and Amanda Villalobos are the musician’s brother and sister, respectively.

Omar Jose Cardona
Omar Jose Cardona with his brother and sister. (Image Source: Instagram)

Both of Cardona’s siblings are very supportive of his career. The Cardona siblings undoubtedly share a solid bond.

While his sister’s occupation is unknown, his brother is a singer. EJ Cardona is a tenor in Voctave, an 11-member Cappella group based in Central Florida.

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