Omobolanle Raheem Was Shot And Killed

Omobolanle Raheem was shot and killed on Sunday when she returned from crunch on the day of Christmas. 

Raheem was a lawyer; she was returning from the service on the day of Christmas when she was found dead on the bridge. 

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The news has taken an interest; after all, it was done by a Police officer connected to Ajiwe Police Station. 

Raheem was just an ordinary person; no relation was there between the Police officer and the lawyer. 

After the incident, Raheem’s parents called her friends and asked for a lawyer to fight back for their daughter and sister. 

There has been much news exploding about the case on the Internet. Read further to get to know about the case update via this article. 

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Omobolanle Raheem Was Shot And Killed By A Nigerian Police Officer, Case Update

The lawyer was shot at Ajah Under Bridge, Lagos state, on Sunday morning while the deceased was returning from Christmas church service.

After the news was published, many investigators worked as a team, revealing that the person who shot her at the bridge moved her body before other Police were present on the spot.

They also revealed that it was done in a team, and a single Police officer was not involved in the case. 

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The Police were on morning duty when they shot a young lady. The investigation is going on, and every one of them has been interviewed many times. But the victim has not been arrested yet.

Police informed them that she was shot inside her car; she was with her husband when she was shot. 

Her husband was beside her, so he couldn’t exactly see who shot her. They were on their way to park the vehicle. 

The victim’s husband confirmed, “The officer asked them to park, and they needed the vehicle in front to move so they could park well, and immediately the Police officer shot at a close range right into her chest.”

Policeman of Ajiwe Police Division who allegedly killed and shot lawyer.
Policeman of Ajiwe Police Division who allegedly killed and shot lawyer. (Image Source: KossyDerrickEnt)

Two Policeman has been in custody since the incident happened. They have not revealed any information regarding the case. 

Many concerned people posted a tweet mentioning they were not safe at the hand of Police. 

A month or two ago, a policeman attached to Ajiwe Police Station also shot an ordinary person. 

As the incident is fresh and the investigation is going on, hopefully, more information will be public soon. 

The identity of a Police officer and his two teammates might also be revealed soon. The public is more curious to learn about a Police officer who shot the lawyer in front of her husband. 

Stay connected to recent news and update to follow up on the incident. Share your views regarding the case via comment. 

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