Rubi Rose Leaked Video

This article is all about Onlyfans Rubi Rose Leaked Video. Rose’s biggest fan on OnlyFans has shown his “commitment” to her by getting her face tattooed on his leg.

Rose shared the messages she received from her top OnlyFans spender, whom she met last week, with her admirers on her X page, which was formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday.

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The man sent Rose many long texts declaring his love for her and wasted no time in trying to attract her attention.

The man explained he’s “invested so much money” in their relationship in the first few texts, asking Rose why she hasn’t been responding to him.

In addition, he queries Rose’s lack of love for him compared to his own.

The individual never bothered to register for an OnlyFans account, but he has a lot of cash to spend on Rubi because he calls himself a “crypto whale” on his page.

Be with us till the end to learn more about Onlyfans Rubi Rose leaked video and other details regarding her personal life.

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Onlyfans Rubi Rose Leaked Video Twitter

Following at least $60,000 spent on the rapper Rubi Rose in a single month, an obsessive OnlyFans user is getting a tattoo on her face.

He would even “empty his bank account” for her. Brandon, the fan, sent Rubi Rose a leg tattoo with her face.

After exchanging several amorous texts with the model, he was instructed to “tat” her face. Right now, he is Rose’s top OnlyFans spender.

Rubi Rose leaked video
People want to know about Rubi Rose Leaked Video. (Source: XXL Mag)

A fan of OnlyFans who hoped rapper Rubi Rose would be his one true love demonstrated his unwavering loyalty to the performer in the longest-lasting manner.

As evidence of his “commitment” to Rose, Brandon—an ardent fan—got a tattoo of her face on his calf.

Earlier today, the internet model shared footage of the tattoo on X (previously Twitter), along with several additional texts from him proclaiming his love.

What Is The Story About?

He wrote Rose messages in which he declared his desire to wed her, to be ‘the king to her queen’, and to ’empty his bank account’ in her company.

In a picture that Rose shared with the model on December 1 on X (previously Twitter), she declared that Brandon is her “#1 spender on only fans.”

To show his “commitment” to Rubi Rose, an ardent fan called Brandon had a tattoo of her face done. After it was completed, he texted her pictures and a video.

To show his “commitment” to Rubi Rose, an ardent fan called Brandon had a tattoo of her face done. After it was completed, he texted her pictures and a video.

Since Friday, Brandon had been messaging her, and in less than a day, his messages had changed from scary to dark.

Rubi Rose Leaked Video
Rapper Rubi Rose revealed texts he received after spending more than $30,000 on her content, from an enamored OnlyFans user and crypto dude expressing his love for her. (Source: National Today)

On December 1, the day she uploaded the picture of him on X, Rose, who had Brandon’s crazy OF fan as her number-one admirer, started getting the odd notes.

Innocently enough, the first message from last Friday asked her what she planned to do that evening.

After inquiring as to why she wasn’t responding to him and expressing his belief that they had “a genuine connection,” things became spooky.

Only about four hours later, he declared his love for Rose, saying he would ‘do anything’ and ‘travel anywhere’ to be here.

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