Orange Crush Bathroom Leaked Video

The Orange Crush beach Party attracted negative attention after a video of the chaotic bathroom scene went viral on Twitter.

An annual beach Party called “Orange Crush”, which takes place on Tybee Island, Georgia, recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

This incident is just one of many that have occurred at the Orange Crush beach Party over the years, which has gained a reputation for being wild, chaotic, and often dangerous. 

In this article, we’ll look at the history of the Orange Crush event, its controversies, and what the future might hold for this infamous beach Party.

Orange Crush Bathroom Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

The Orange Crush beach Party mayhem continued to make headlines as a leaked video of the chaotic bathroom scene went viral on Twitter, showing the extent of the chaos that took place.

The Orange Crush beach party made headlines again due to a leaked video of the chaotic bathroom scene that went viral on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

The Party attracted 40,000 to 50,000 people, many college students from historically black colleges and universities. 

The video shows the crowded beach, loud music, and people drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. However, despite the chaos, the mayor of Tybee Island, Shirley Sessions, stated that no lives were lost and no property was destroyed. 

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The Party did cause issues such as gridlock, traffic accidents, noise complaints, and litter. 

Orange Crush Chaos And Violence

In their statement to the Savannah news outlets, the Island officials reported that the presence of around 12,000 vehicles on Tybee Island during the Orange Crush beach Party caused several issues. 

Orange 1
@DejLift stated on Twitter that someone threw a bottle at their ambulance and twerked on the stretcher during the event. (Source: Twitter)

A Twitter user with the handle @DejLift shared a disturbing incident that occurred during the Orange Crush beach Party on Tybee Island, where someone threw a bottle at their ambulance and twerked on the stretcher, urging people to go home.


The high volume of traffic on the island led to gridlock and accidents, causing inconvenience to the residents and visitors alike.

Additionally, the crowds that gathered for the Party indulged in drug and alcohol abuse, resulting in disturbances and noise complaints.

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The Island officials also reported incidents of illegal parking and litter, which added to the chaos and inconvenience caused to the island. Furthermore, two violent incidents also occurred, causing alarm among the residents and visitors. 

Was Anybody Shot During The Event?

No one was shot during the Orange Crush beach Party on Tybee Island. 

In the second incident, the Savannah Morning News reported that people on Tybee Beach ran for cover after someone flashed a gun, causing panic among the crowd. The incident highlights the potential danger and risks associated with large gatherings and events, especially involving excessive drinking and substance abuse.

However, the event caused significant traffic congestion and other issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, noise complaints, illegal parking, and litter. 

As the beach is a public space, the authorities have limited control over the event, but they plan to work on better solutions. 

The traffic jams during the event were compared to those seen during hurricane evacuations in Florida by the CEO of a Savannah-based emergency services Company. 

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Additionally, a prayer angel statue at Saint Michael’s Catholic Church on Tybee was destroyed during the Party, adding to the damage caused by the event.

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