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Oscar Desgagnés Parents, Catherine De Seve, and Frank Desgagnes are proudly witnessing their son’s professional growth. Oscar Desgagnés began acting at the age of 11 in L’Arracheuse de temps under the direction of Francis Leclerc.

The son of actress Catherine De Seve and fine art photographer Frank Desgagnes, Oscar Desgagnes is an amazing child actor who was born in Montréal.

He is a name to watch and look out for. At the age of 11, he made his acting debut in Francis Leclerc’s production of L’Arracheuse de temps (2021), portraying his favorite storyteller, Fred Pellerin.

Oscar then portrayed the child version of the character played by Pier-Luc Funk in Plan B (2017).

Additionally, his leading role as Max in the motion picture Coco Ferme (2023) demonstrated his enthusiasm for acting as a means of telling stories.

The child actor will appear in the 2024 film Chien et chat, which is directed by Reem Kherici and distributed in French by Gaumont.

Desgagnés is a passionate boy who is humorous and loves playing soccer.

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Who Are Oscar Desgagnés Parents? Meet Catherine De Seve And Frank Desgagnes

As mentioned earlier, Oscar was welcomed into this world in 2009 by extremely loving and supportive parents and he was raised in Montreal.

His mother, gave birth to him in 50 minutes, at home, with a midwife.

Talking about his parent’s professional careers, his mom, Catherine De Seve is an actress, producer, and director, and his dad, Frank Desgagnes is a cinematographer.

Both of his parents belong to the entertainment industry and now it seems that Oscar is also following in their footsteps. 

Since their son also belongs to the same field, they understand the hustle and rush that happens in the media and they support and push him unconditionally.

Furthermore, Oscar’s father, Frank is a fine art photographer and cinematographer. 

Oscar Desgagnés Parents
Oscar Desgagnés with his entire family during his film The Snatch of Time’s debut. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Oscar’s mother, Catherine De Seve was born and raised in Montreal and she spends her time between Toronto, Montreal, and Los Angeles. 

She has received two Gémeaux Award nominations and has established herself as an actor with the French-language Le Sketch Show (2004) adaptation of the British comic series.

Similarly, the actress portrayed Anas Provencher on the well-known series L’auberge du chien noir for about 15 years.

Catherine’s most recent English roles include Mrs. Allston in The Handmaid’s Tale (2017), Bria Mack Gets A Life, a forthcoming comedy series, and Sally Wells in Saying Yes to Christmas (2021).

Moreover, the actress enjoys spending time at her cottage with her husband, Frank, and her son when she isn’t working.

Furthermore, Oscar Desgagnés’ parents’ exchanged their wedding vows in 2012 and have been together ever since. 

It seems that their foundation of marriage is unconditional love, support, and patience. Overall, the family of three is leading a happy life and we wish them good luck and prosperity.

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A Look At Oscar Desgagnés Professional Career 

Like any other child actor, Oscar Desgagnes is also a hopeful youth who is dreaming big in the entertainment sector.

At the young age of 13, he already has three acting credits under his name.

Oscar Desgagnés Parents
Oscar Desgagnés during his movie promotions with the entire cast. (Source: Instagram)

He made his on-screen debut in 2021 with L’Arracheuse de temps and went on to feature in Coco Ferme and Plan B in 2023.

Besides, Oscar’s one acting venture, Chien et chat, is in the production stage and will be completed soon.

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