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Lee Sun Kyun drug scandal is again in the limelight after the news of his death was confirmed. Find out more facts about his case.

Lee Sun Kyun was a renowned South Korean actor known for his versatile roles in both film and television who remained active in the entertainment line for a long time.

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He gained widespread recognition for his performance in the critically acclaimed South Korean film Paju directed by Park Chan-ok.

However, Lee became internationally famous for his role as Park Dong-ik in the highly acclaimed film Parasite. His portrayal of the father of the wealthy Park family garnered widespread praise.

Sadly, his fans and followers are mourning the loss as it has been reported that Kyun was found dead at the age of 48 inside his car at a park in central Seoul on December 27, 2023.

Parasite Actor Lee Sun Kyun Drug Scandal Explained

Parasite actor Lee Sun Kyun was loved by many people for his acting works. Apart from that, he made headlines for his drug scandal which came as a shock to everyone.

In October 2023, it came to light that Lee was under investigation within the organization due to suspicions of drug use. As a result, he voluntarily dropped out of No Way Out.

Lee Sun Kyun Drug Scandal
Lee Sun Kyun drug scandal has created a buzz on the web as the actor was accused of using drugs. ( Source: Variety )

Afterward, Lee received a travel ban preventing him from leaving the country while the investigation was ongoing. The first tests on Lee’s hair samples showed that there were no traces of drugs detected.

Lee’s lawyer requested the police to carry out another lie detector test. The concern was that it seemed unfair to face drug accusations based solely on Mr. A’s statement without any physical evidence.

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Was Lee Sun Kyun Arrested For Drug Abuse Case?

Yes, Lee Sun Kyun was arrested and charged on suspicion of using marijuana and psychoactive drugs. The news was given by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency.

Lee was investigated by the police for allegedly using illegal drugs at a bar hostess’s place, which made headlines in the tabloids. He claimed he was deceived into taking the drugs and didn’t know what he was consuming.

Lee Sun Kyun Arrested
Lee Sun Kyun was charged on suspicion of using marijuana and psychoactive drugs. ( Source: Vulture )

The scandal caused Lee to lose several acting projects, as per AFP. Reuters stated that a first-time drug use conviction in South Korea could result in a six-month jail term, while repeat offenders might face up to 14 years in prison.

However, the recent update of the actor came as a shock to everyone as Lee has passed away at the age of 48.

Lee Sun Kyun Suicide Note Goes Viral

Lee Sun Kyun is making rounds not only for his drug scandal but recently, it was announced that he has passed away. Many people believe that Kyun died after a suicide.

According to a report, Lee was found unconscious next to Briquette’s car inside a car at a park in Seoul. Lee’s wife reported to the police that he had left home with what seemed to be a suicide note, leading to the subsequent discovery.

Lee Sun Kyun Suicide Note
Lee Sun Kyun suicide note has gone viral online. ( Source: The Guardian )

Following the announcement, many people have been searching for the details regarding the death case of Lee. As of now, no more facts have been shared.

However, it can be confirmed that more updates regarding the case of Lee will be given later. 

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