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The Tragic Paris Shooting resulted in the loss of three lives, creating panic among the people made readers anxious about the culprit following the rest of the 69-Year-Old Man. Check out more about Paris Shooting Suspect via this article.

On December 24, 2022, the gunman opened Fire in central Paris, killing three people and wounding three others receiving treatment at a Kurdish cultural center.

Following the incident, BBC shared the Footage showed people starting fires in the middle of the street and smashing car windows, with officers in riot gear responding by throwing tear gas.

A few hours later, clashes broke out in the neighborhood as Kurdish community members yelled anti-Turkish government slogans. To calm the tense gathering, Police used tear gas. 

On Friday, several gunshots were fired on Rue d’Enghien around 11:00 GMT), sowing panic on the street lined with small shops and cafes in the French capital’s busy 10th district.

Paris Shooting Suspect: Who Is Culprit?

Aljazeera claims authorities revealed a 69-year-old former train driver was arrested as a suspect.

Authorities discovered the suspect as a 69-year-old Paris man who had been jailed for attacking migrants living in tents and released earlier this month.

A 69-year-old suspect was quickly arrested, and it soon emerged authorities had freed him from prison recently.

Paris Shooting Suspect
Protestors clash with French police during a demonstration near the Rue d’Enghie(Source:Aljazeera)

The Paris prosecutor confirmed the suspect had recently been released from detention while awaiting trial over an attack on a migrant camp in Paris a year ago. The investigators were considering a possible racist motive for the shooting.

Reports claim the attacker targeted a Kurdish cultural center and shot local community members with a racist motive.

Following the arrest, Clashes later broke out between Police and a group who had gathered at the scene in the aftermath of the attack.

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Why 69-Year-Old Man Arrested In Paris Shooting As Suspect?

Unrest erupted after a guy, who witnesses saw as tall, white, and elderly, shot and killed three people on Rue d’Enghien in Paris’s 10th arrondissement: two men and a woman.

 French media claims the suspect was named “William M.” and was apparently born in Paris. Moreover, French authorities will explain why the suspect was on parole in the upcoming days.

Darmanin said the suspect was a member of a shooting sports club and had several registered weapons.

Paris Shooting Suspect
The prosecutor’s office said that a 69-year-old man had been arrested in connection with the incident(Source: Youtube)

In the Paris Shooting case, reports claim three people have been killed and three others wounded when a gunman opened Fire at a Kurdish cultural center in Paris, as President Emmanuel Macron denounced the “heinous” attack targeting France’s Kurds.

Where Is The Suspect, Now Jail Or Prison?

NYTimes claims a 69-year-old has been taken into custody following a Kurdish community center shooting case.

According to ABC news, authorities claim the suspect was charged last year with attacking migrants who killed three people at a Kurdish cultural center on December 23 in Paris in an assault that appeared to be specifically aimed at foreigners.

French President Emmanuel Macron revealed the capital’s Kurdish community had been the “target of a heinous attack” and praised Police for their “courage.”

Paris Prosecutor Laure Beccuau revealed the suspect had previously been charged with racist violence. However, the motive for the shooting is not confirmed. 

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who traveled to the scene earlier, said there was currently no known link between the suspect and “ultra-right” groups.

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