Patrick Nazarian

Patrick Nazarian arrested news is making headlines all over the news due to several sexual assaults that happened on the Burbank High School campus.

Tuesday saw 22-year-old Patrick Nazarian arrested after being accused of sexually abusing three females on the Burbank High School campus.

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Police in Burbank claim that Patrick, a Glendale resident, is accused of utilizing an unlocked door in the student parking lot on Monday to get inside the school.

It is still unclear how the Nazarian snuck into the educational institute and hide without getting caught by the campus officials.

Not much information about Patrick Nazarian arrested is available on the web. However, more information about the assault might come forward as the case progresses.

As per the police, the investigation is still ongoing, and has requested anyone to call the Burbank Police Department Domestic and Family Crimes Section at (818) 238-3210 if one has any information about this case.

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Patrick Nazarian Arrested

After the police arrested Patrick Nazarian, the media quickly broadcasted the news, which caught viewers’ attention.

On Monday, March 6, at 8:30 in the morning, a man was arrested after it was claimed he had entered the campus and was wandering around.

According to a source, the man groped some girls on the upper body while he was on campus and even made an attempt to get one of them into an elevator beside the parking garage.

A 14-year-old female victim informed investigators she was approached by a man she did not know while in a washroom on campus, according to a statement from the Burbank Police Department.

The suspect, Patrick, fled the bathroom after sexually assaulting the victim after a short struggle before being caught by school staff.

Patrick Nazarian arrested
Patrick Nazarian was arrested by police at Burbank High School Campus. (Source: NBC Los Angeles)

The school staff kept him under control before the arrival of the police at the campus.

Nazarian was found to have condoms after being taken into custody by school staff, and it appeared that he may have been under the influence of drugs.

Detectives were sent to question the teachers and pupils after Burbank police arrived on the scene immediately to take the man into custody.

In the report, Police claimed that two further female students, 14 and 17, reported that the suspect had “inappropriately touched” them.

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Is Patrick Nazarian In Jail?

Police have Patrick Nazarina arrested and put him into custody after the horrific scenes on the Burbank High School campus.

Mr. Nazarian is detained in a place of a $1.2 million bond after being arrested and charged with kidnapping, a crime, and sexual assault.

Nazarian is due in court on March 8, 2023, and official charges are being reviewed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Authorities say he entered the campus through an unlocked door in the student parking lot when pupils were attending this school for the day.

Patrick Nazarian
Patrick Nazarian was charged with sexual assault. (Source: Myburbank)

After the incident, an email was sent by Burbank high school campus to all parents stating that a trespasser was found and police apprehended the suspect and the campus is secure and continuously working with Burbank police to ensure the safety of the campus.

Matt Hill, superintendent of the Burbank Unified School District, mentioned that the Burbank Unified School District takes this event very seriously and will fully assist with the police investigation.

The campus authorities have also promised to conduct an internal investigation after the incident.

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