Patrick Quirke Wife

Patrick Quirke’s wife, Imelda Quirke, stood by his side throughout the trial and has been spotted visiting him in prison.

Patrick Quirke, a resident of Tipperary, was incarcerated on Wednesday in Mountjoy Prison in Dublin for the ****** of Bobby Ryan, popularly known as DJ Mr. Moonlight.

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In an appeal by Patrick Quirke against his 2019 conviction for the ****** of Bobby Ryan, the Supreme Court has reserved judgment.

The Director of Public Prosecutions stated that internet searches found on a computer taken from Quirke’s House under a search warrant were “absolutely vital” to the prosecution’s case on the second and final day of the trial.

Quirke’s trial revealed that he had been in a clandestine relationship with Mary Lowry for several years. He had also become obsessed with her and was jealous of Bobby Ryan.

Patrick Quirke Wife: Who Is Imelda Quirke? 

Imelda Quirke is the wife of Patrick Quirke, who was found guilty of killing Bobby Ryan and given a life term in jail.

Patrick wife
As Patrick Quirke and his wife Imelda arrived at the Courts of Criminal Justice, they were photographed. (Source:

Throughout the trial, Imelda Quirke stood by her husband’s side, appearing in court almost daily to support him. She was frequently seen holding hands with him and embracing him during breaks in the proceedings.

In interviews with the media, Imelda Quirke was described as a private person who did not want to comment on the trial or her husband’s involvement in it. However, she did express her gratitude to those who supported her family during the difficult time.

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For the first time since her husband’s life sentence, Patrick Quirke’s wife has been spotted visiting her husband. Imelda was seen walking on Dublin’s North Circular Road while escorted by a few close relatives.

Meet Patrick Quirke Son Liam

Patrick Quirke, the convicted murderer of Bobby Ryan, has a son named Liam Quirke.

Liam was born and raised in Tipperary, Ireland, where his Father was also from. Liam Quirke has largely stayed out of the public eye and has not made any public statements regarding his Father’s case.

During his Father’s trial, Liam Quirke was in court with other family members, including his mother, Imelda Quirke. It is unknown whether Liam Quirke was present for the entire trial or just certain parts.

While not much is known about Liam Quirke’s personal life, it is known that he is a Father himself. 

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Liam has not made any public comments about his Father’s conviction or the case, and it is unknown if he maintains any contact with his Father.

Patrick Quirke Family Details Explored

After Patrick Quirke was found guilty of ******, his family expressed shock and disbelief.

mary ryan
Bobby Ryan’s children, Robert Ryan Jr. and Michelle Ryan, were seen leaving the CCJ. (Source:

Liam Quirke, who had testified against his Father, reportedly struggled with guilt and sadness in the trial’s aftermath. The Quirke family has largely stayed out of the public eye since the trial, and there have been no reports of them speaking publicly about the case.

There is very little information available about Patrick Quirke’s family members. They did not play a prominent role in the trial and preferred to keep a low profile.

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According to reports, Quirke continues to manage his family’s farm while inside, as the Irish Sun on Sunday can confirm.

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