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This article will discuss Patrizia Groppelli Wikipedia and the information about her partner Alessandro Sallusti.

Groppelli is an Italian television columnist and entrepreneur. She was born in Milan on June 4th, 1973, and after graduating in Marketing in Miami in the 90s, she started her career as an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur is private about her life, so people often get curious to learn basic information about her. 

She is active on her social media and often posts about her projects to update her followers; she has 22.6K followers on her Instagram.

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Patrizia Groppelli Wikipedia And Eta (Age)

Patrizia Groppelli Wikipedia is not unavailable, so people are curious to learn basic professional information about her. 

Groppelli is an Italian television columnist and entrepreneur. She began her career as an entrepreneur after graduating from Marketing in Miami.

She gained some media attention in 2003 when she married Dimitri Kunz of Habsburg Lorraine, a descendant of the Habsburgs.

The couple were married until around four years ago when unusual events reportedly led to the end of their relationship.

Aside from her personal life, Groppelli is also known for her work as a television columnist, sharing her opinions and insights on various topics.

Patrizia Groppelli is Alessandro Sallusti's girlfriend and journalist.
Patrizia Groppelli is Alessandro Sallusti’s girlfriend and entrepreneur. (Image Source:

Viewers and media outlets often seek her views, making her a respected voice in Italian television.

Combining entrepreneurial spirit and media attention characterizes Groppelli’s life and career.

While her personal life has attracted some controversy and attention, she has also made a name for herself through her work as a television columnist and her insights into various topics.

Regarding the age of the entrepreneur, she was born on June 4th, 1973, which means she is currently 50 years old. 

Groppelli has been open about her age, but there has always been some confusion. She has maintained herself and looks a bit younger than the mentioned age. 

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Meet Patrizia Groppelli Marito Alessandro Sallusti

Patrizia Groppelli and Alessandro Sallusti began a romantic relationship after learning of her husband’s supposed infidelity with Daniela Santanchè, the partner of the current director of Giornale at the time.

Sallusti supported her through the time when she did not know what she was going to do next. But her husband started a relationship with her, and they have been together for a long time. 

Patrizia reportedly informed Sallusti of the situation, and their relationship grew deeper during their four years together.

Patrizia Groppelli is known to be the partner of Alessandro Sallusti, an Italian journalist
Patrizia Groppelli is known as the partner of Alessandro Sallusti, an Italian journalist. (Image Source: DiLei)

Alessandro Sallusti is a well-known Italian journalist and the director of the Italian newspaper “Il Giornale.”

Sallusti has also appeared on television programs as a political commentator and won the Sorrento Peninsula “Arturo Esposito” award for journalism in 2011, amid controversy.

From 2017 to 2021, he served as the director of the online news site InsideOver, linked to the online version of Il Giornale.

In May 2021, he left his role as editor of Il Giornale and became the editor-in-chief of Libero, replacing Pietro Senaldi.

Sallusti co-wrote the book “Il Sistema” in 2021 with former magistrate Luca Palamara, which covered scandals within the Italian judiciary.

The book was successful and later adapted into a play. In 2022, Sallusti and Palamara released a new chapter of the book called “Lobby & Logge,” which also covered scandals in the judiciary.

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