Patsy Kensit Weight Loss

Patsy Kensit weight loss: the Actress struggled with overweight problems for over a decade after giving birth to her second child. Find out her secret.

Born Patricia Jude Kensit, Patsy Kensit is an Englis Actress widely appreciated for her works in the movies like Lethal Weapon 2, Absolute Beginners, Hanover Street, and Emmerdale Farm.

The 55-years-old star is also known as the lead singer of the pop band Eighth Wonder in the eighties.

Celebrities appear to have a glamorous and luxurious life. We can’t help but believe they don’t have any problems. But they also face their share of problems related to mental and physical health.

Kensit recently opened up about her battle with severe chest pain. Let’s take a detailed look at the prominent star’s health in today’s short piece.

Patsy Kensit Weight Loss Before And After

Patsy Kensit is in the best shape now. But she had overweight problems in the past and battled her weight for over 13 years.

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She struggled with weight gain after giving birth to her second baby in 1993. The star spends the next decade trying to slim down without any success.

Patsy Kensit Weight Loss
Patsy Kensit before and after losing 14 lbs. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

But, the blonde beauty ultimately achieved success. After putting off three stones, she said she didn’t recognize herself as she found it bizarre.

At that time, Patsy realized for the first time that she couldn’t eat anything she wanted. The Renegades Actress acknowledged that she tried numerous diets and exercise regimens over the ensuing years to lose weight, but nothing was successful.

After a brief period of weight loss, she discovered that it would swiftly return, leaving her “locked in a cycle.” The gorgeous lady arrived in Emmerdale in 2004 and decided to accompany several of the cast members to a WeightWatchers meeting.

Patsy Kensit Cridited Her Weight Loss To Healthy Eating

The Emmerdale Farm star attributed her success to healthy eating due to the plan and a little walking; unlike other celebrities, she didn’t visit a personal trainer much, reported Daily Mail.

The blonde beauty acknowledges that the “toxic atmosphere we live in,” where food is easily accessible and thrust upon you, is to blame for her failure.

The star admitted she grew “bored” with the diet and saw her weight creep back up until she returned to the program in August 2012. She regained the three stones she had gained after giving birth to her second son.

Patsy Kensit Illness And Health Update

The prominent star issued a health update after quitting BBC soap EastEnders. Kensit took to Instagram to inform that she had been diagnosed with a severe chest infection.

Patsy Kensit Weight Loss
Patsy Kensit while leaving BBC Soap EastEnders. (Image Source: Mirror)

She was also hospitalized with pneumonia last month. While dragging a suitcase and headed to warmer climates, Patsy said she was leaving on a jet plane and didn’t know when she would be back.

“Great news this Friday: my serious chest infection, which I’ve been nursing since December, has been identified. I’m taking the proper antibiotics, need to rest for a while, and will soon be back on my feet,” the Actress said.

She ended her note after thanking the EastEnders family. Her fans quickly responded to her posts and shared their thoughts. Many of them were sad as they couldn’t see Patsy on EastEnders.

On the other hand, others simply said, “enjoy the sun,” while hoping to see her on EastEnders in the coming days.

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