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Paul Herbst was The Director of Medi Response KZN, who has recently passed away, and people are searching for Paul Herbst Death And Obituary.

The renowned paramedic had just returned from a rescue operation in Turkey. According to a statement released by Medi Response on Sunday, the team and other South African SAR professionals returned to South Africa on Saturday afternoon.

Herbst traveled to help Turkey and Syria after the devastating earthquake that left thousands of people dead or missing as part of the Medi Response team operating under the Gift of The Givers banner.

His passing was reported by Medi Response on Tuesday. According to Medi Response, Herbst’s passing was a terrible loss for the neighborhood, and everyone who knew him would keenly feel his absence.

Herbst had previously worked for IPSS Medical Rescue for almost eight years, and the Company stated his passing was a devastating loss for the entire sector.

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Paul Herbst Death And Obituary: KZN Paramedic Died After Returning From A Rescue Mission

In a message posted on social media on Tuesday, the Medi Response team expressed its sorrow over the passing of director Paul Herbst. “We were shocked to learn of Paul Herbst’s demise. He was the Director of Medi Response KZN.

The statement said that we would like to send our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and coworkers during this trying time on behalf of the Medi Response team. His death did not have a known reason.

Paul was a reputable and devoted Leader in the emergency medical services industry. Paul’s passing is a terrible loss for the neighborhood, and everyone who knew him will feel his absence keenly.

Paul Herbst Death
Paul Herbst Death announced by Medi Response. (Source: Facebook)

He was well renowned for his unrelenting dedication to caring for those in need, and his enthusiasm for helping others was visible in the job he conducted every day.

Herbst was a member of the Medi Response team that traveled to help Turkey and Syria after the earthquake that left thousands dead or displaced under the auspices of Gift of The Givers.

Sadly, not much information about his death and other important details were not provided at the time of writing this article as the family has not revealed much regarding the matter.

Paul was a kind-hearted person who was always looking to help people, so his death was a very big shock to the world and his family. We can say the family is going through an adamant time, so we are responsible for providing them the privacy they require.

Paul Herbst Net Worth Before Death

Paul was a little secretive when it came to his personal information, like his net worth, as the Director had not revealed his exact net worth before his death.

According to various sources, Paul had an estimated net worth of over $1 million at his passing. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the officials.

Paul Herbst net
Paul Herbst was a member of the Medi Response team along with numerous other international search and rescue operations that traveled to Turkey in the wake of an earthquake that left thousands of people dead or missing. (Source: IOL)

Little information was found regarding Paul, as the Director had no public social media accounts before his death.

However, we know that Paul was a very kind, helpful, and passionate person who was always ready to help and rescue others in need and was taken too early.

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