Paul Holt Arkansas

Paul Holt from Arkansas was tragically shot and killed during an alleged carjacking in Hammond, Louisiana, while celebrating his birthday.

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that a man from Arkansas was fatally shot on Saturday morning in Louisiana while trying to save his wife from a carjacking a day before his 63rd birthday. 

According to Chief Jimmy Travis, the incident occurred at the Red Roof Plus on Puma Drive in Hammond. Later that day, 18-year-old Ladarrius Evans from Hammond was taken into custody for the murder of the Arkansas man.

The swift arrest of Evans has brought some closure to the family of Paul Holt, who was tragically killed while on vacation in Louisiana.

Paul Holt Arkansas: Who Was He?

Paul Holt was a 62-year-old tourist from Arkansas who was tragically shot and killed during an alleged carjacking in Hammond, Louisiana. 

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The tweet is about the shooting and death of an Arkansas man, Paul Holt, who was visiting Louisiana for his birthday. (Source: Twitter)

Holt and his wife had traveled to Louisiana to celebrate his upcoming 63rd birthday. Holt and his wife were entering their vehicle when they were approached by an armed, masked man identified as 18-year-old Ladarrius Evans. 

According to the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office (TPSO), Holt attempted to stop Evans from driving away with his wife in the passenger seat and helped his wife escape. However, Evans shot Holt, who was unarmed and fled in the couple’s SUV. Holt died from his injuries at a local hospital. 

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The incident is a tragic reminder of the dangers of violent crime and the importance of remaining vigilant in public spaces.

Ladarrius Evans Arrested With Murder Charge

Ladarrius Evans was arrested with a murder charge and several other charges.

The tweet is expressing the opinion that there may not be any protest in response to the murder of Paul Holt who was killed. (Source: Twitter)

The Tangipahoa Parish deputies took the suspect, Ladarrius Evans, into custody on May 6th concerning the fatal shooting of Arkansas tourist Paul Holt during an alleged carjacking. 

The deputies located the stolen vehicle later that day. They found Evans possessing various items belonging to the victims, along with the clothing and other articles used to commit the crime. 

One of the items recovered was a “Ghost Gun” with a Glock Switch. Evans was arrested and charged with several offenses, including first-degree murder, carjacking, possessing unidentifiable firearms, armed robbery with a firearm, and possessing a machine gun. 

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He was subsequently booked into Tangipahoa Parish Jail, awaiting trial. 

Statements From The Authorities

When they entered their car, the sheriff’s office said that Paul Holt and his wife were carjacked and shot by Ladarrius Evans. 

According to the TPSO, Holt and his wife had traveled to Louisiana for Holt’s birthday. Holt tried to stop Evans from driving away with his wife and successfully helped his wife escape, but was shot in the chest by Evans. 

After the incident, Evans fled in the stolen car. Holt later died in the hospital due to the injuries sustained in the shooting. Evans was identified as a suspect after the investigators located the stolen vehicle, and he was found to have the victim’s belongings and the items used in the crime.

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Evans confessed to the crime when the investigators located him. 

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