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Was Paul Reubens Pedophile? Following the ***** of the actor, everyone has been asking questions about his controversy, which has been covered in this article.

Paul Reubens was a notable American actor and comedian who was active in the entertainment industry for a long time. As an actor, Reubens worked in many hit movies and tv series.

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Some of Paul’s works can be seen in the projects such as Flight of the Navigator, Big Top Pee-wee, and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Due to his work, Reubens was able to win multiple awards.

He was honored with awards like NAVGTR Awards and Daytime Emmy Awards. Likewise, Reubens was nominated for three-time Primetime Emmys.

Currently, the world is mourning the loss of the actor as Reubens passed away on July 30, 2023, at the age of 70. So, people are still eager to know about Paul’s controversy.

Was Paul Reubens Pedophile?

Paul Reubens was involved in various controversies, and everyone has been asking if he was Pedophile. However, the late actor had said that he was no pedophile.

Not to mention, a pedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to children. Furthermore, people started asking questions about it when Paul was arrested in July 1991.

Since getting arrested, Paul had received hate from his fans, too, and it was all related to the pedophile scandal. Some online users still talk about the matter.

Paul Reubens Pedophile
Paul Reubens was said to be a pedophile but the actor denied that he was not. ( Source: Twitter )

Despite his *****, many social media users have shown no mercy to the late actor. On Twitter, one person paid tribute to Paul after his demise, but another wrote, “still a pedophile.”

WWE also shared the news, and many online users were disappointed, and one person commented, “I’m disappointed. This man was a pedophile.”

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Paul Reubens Scandal and Controversy Explained

Paul Reubens scandal and controversy left some stains on his acting career. The late actor is also remembered for several *** scandals, including his infamous 1991 arrest for indecent exposure at a Florida porn house.

Not only that, but he made headlines after allegations related to a child pornography case. Reportedly in 1991, detectives went to the XXX South Trail Cinema to watch the audience for a triple bill of Tiger Shark, Catalina Five-O, Nurse Nancy, and Turn Up the Heat.

Paul Reubens Scandal
Paul Reubens was arrested in 1991 after getting involved in some scandals. ( Source: New York Daily News )

The officers hauled in three men, including the actor himself, on charges of violating Florida State Statute 800.03 in the dark theater. He allegedly offered to perform a kids’ benefit for the sheriff’s office if the charges were dropped.

However, a department spokesman at the time said that the deputies did not feel that they had sufficiently probable cause to charge Reubens with attempted bribery. 

Paul Reubens Child News Explored

Paul Reubens was dragged into the controversy after the news of his child scandal came into the spotlight. As stated earlier, he had allegations related to a child pornography case. 

In the wake of his arrest, on July 29, 1991, CBS announced that it was pulling reruns of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and Disney-MGM Studios in Florida stopped a video of Pee-wee’s voice from its studio tour narration.

Paul Reubens Child
Paul Reubens was involved in a scandal that many people criticized. ( Source: EW )

Not only that, but Toys ‘R’ Us also released Pee-wee toys from stores. During that time, Reubens received hate from people and many people were dissatisfied with the actions of Paul.

Apart from that, he also received some support, and Bill Cosby was one of those who defended Reubens. 

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